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Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:15 am

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It was a terrible day for a funeral… but oddly perfect. The sky had pulled a blanket over itself, darkening the world around us. Rain sprinkled from the sky, dampening our black clothes and making it even more uncomfortable than it was. Some people weeped loudly, mourning for someone they hardly even knew. Truth was, no one really knew her. No one really knew who she was, except for Chris and I. Over the last few months, we had learnt who she really was…
I looked at the faces, of all the people i grew up with, of her parents and the friends of her parents. They all looked so sad. As if her death had touched them all so deeply. They were liars. I knew what they all said behind her back, what they really thought about my friend, Emily, and i bet they were all happy that she was gone. Happy that her brilliance is around no more. Outshining them.
The sky never looked so sad when she was around, it shined as bright as it could, trying to outshine her. It never succeeded.

I couldn't cry. I've tried, i've tried making those damned little water drops come from my eyes. one, just one i plead with myself, but nothing happens. It's been almost a week since i found out she had died. And nothing.
Chris hadn't come. He had told me that he couldn't do it, couldn't see her go into the ground. He didn't care.

But i knew him… knew him better then that. He was just afraid that she would get out of that coffin, get out and say "Just Joking!" And then it would all start again. everything that she put us through.

I don't think i could go through that again either.

My heart couldn't take it.

*NOTE: Please rate/review, so i know if this is any interesting or if i should give up on it please!*



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