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Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:42 am

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I sat there crying silently where I normally did. My secret place where I could gather my mind up about everything. All my pain. My hurt that I breathe in and out everyday. And damn, does it ever stop? No.. I pull my legs up onto the bench and wrap my arms around them, hugging them, glancing around my surroundings. Me and my cousin used to come up here and watch the hockey players play hockey. But that was such a long time ago.

The pain won't go away, as much as I try to get it to. I trace the scars on my left arm, wincing a bit as some still stung, remembering.. The razor I used, deeply and slowly gliding through the surface of my skin, revealing a trail of blood as it pierced through. JJ thought I was stupid, that I had'nt really had a good reason for cutting, that I had a lot more than many other people and appreciate it. She was wrong. I didn't have a stupid reason.. I do appreciate it and I am thankful for everything that I have but to bear all this is too much.. How would I explain all this? This would be one hell of a long story to tell to anyone..

My schoolbag was on my left, so light as it didnt hold so much today. It was starting to slip down the bench but i caught it in the nick of time.. My head down, hoddie up and I didn't notice I had company until he spoke. "Hey," a voice came from the right of me. I look up and turn to my right. I couldn't help but stutter at the sight of him," H-Hi." He was about my age (14) with short black hair and had the cutest brown eyes that wrinkled up on the sides when he smiled. But his smile turned into a frown. "What's wrong?" he asked with sincere concern. "Ohh.. I-It's nothing.." I answered shyly. He touches my shoulder, sending butterflies flying around in my stomach. We stared at eachother for a while. "Welll it doesn't look like nothing." He stands up, he's probably about two inches taller than me.

He stood infront of me and took hold of my hands, "Come on." He pulled me up and I abruptly stood and accidentally leaned into him. Here I was all sad, crying, then I end up kissing a stranger. A cute stranger.. I am a mess. But his lips were so soft.. I stepped back and stared at the ground, "S-Sorry.." Tilting my head up, he told me with a wink, "It's alright. I kinda like you anyways." He wipes the tears that still slowly dripped down my face with his thumb. "I guess I kinda like you to," I smile sadly, "but I don't really know you that well." "I'm Kyle," he says, putting his hand out. I shook his hand, "Alyssa."

Kyle POV
Alyssa. A perfect name for her.. When I saw that she was crying, it stabbed my heart. She was so beautiful despite it.. She's more than beautiful, beautiful just isn't the right word for her. The hockey rink is my favorite place to go to when I'm upset or when I just need to be alone. I just can't believe I didn't go up to her before when I saw her here dozens of times. I'm such a coward. She's stopped crying and smiled up at me. I couldn't help but stare at her. She punches my right arm, "Ow!" Alyssa giggles, "that's for staring." I grin evily at her. She gives me a weird look."Uh oh.." she softly said and I start chasing her.

The chase stopped short, I cornered her by the swimming pool terrace just nearby. I lifted her and spun her around. "Stop it!" she laughed. I put her down. Panting, out of breathe. I was hugging her from behind. "I love seeing you smile.." I softly said. Shit. Did I just say that ? "And same to you," she softly replied back. I guess i did.. I didn't know her that well but I already loved everything about her. Her personality, her smile.. A cellphone rings from a distance ruining the moment. It took me a while to figure out the song.. This letter by Vibekinqz. "Fuck," Alyssa cursed. She untangled herself from my embrace and ran back to the hockey rink. I chased after her. Wait for me.. I thought. "Hello?" she said. I stood watching her from the door way. She was talking to someone on her cell. "Look dude.." she softly said, "no I-" Silence. She hung up and sighed.

Alyssa POV

God dammit J.. What's wrong with you? I mean you ditched me today after school, making me feel like total shit, then you call me after I called you like billions of times and texted you because of my worry. And I don't normally overeact like that. I wish you'd get over the guy. You act so different now all because of him. But if you didn't ditch me, I wouldn't have went here and met Kyle.. I sat down on the bench and sighed, lost in thought. I try slow down my breathing, an attempt to stop my anger.. I'm forgetting something. "Eheem.." I stood up quickly, "Sorry." He shruggs at me and sits next to me. This reminds me of so much..

~flash back~
Jake and me were sitting next to each other on the school bus to a field trip in grade five. We couldn't stop talking and laughing. We'd try to reach the roof of the bus on bumps and we waved at the drivers behind our bus. Sometimes we'd bet whether the drivers would wave. Once a guy actually fingered us and we jokingly argued about who that guy meant it was for. Haha that was just fun..
~end of flashback~

"Alyssa..? Alyssa?.. Oh welcome back to Earth," Kyle said laughing when i finally I snapped out of it. "Oh haha so not funny," i say, sticking my tongue out at him. "Cheer up," he said and tickles me a little. I giggle. Maybe things will turn around and get better..

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