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Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:18 am

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In 2005 I opened a day spa around the corner from the historic district in Conway. We opened the first week in December. About a week before Christmas we started hearing items being moved around but no one in the room the noise was coming from. Now the house was built in the early 1900's so settling was what I tried to chalk it up to, but soon realized it was more than that.

I have a light in one of the rooms that I know was off when I closed at night but when I got in in the morning it would be on. At first I thought maybe my mother was coming in and leaving it on but when confronted she had not been in.

One day in June of 2006 my mom was in the shop with a client (Danny); my mom called me and asked why I did not come in and say hello to them. I told her that I had not returned to work after leaving; that's when she told me that she and Danny both had heard the doors open and close 2 times. I spoke to Danny and he said yes they thought I had come in.

Most of the strange things that go on in the building are at the same times of the year. Little things happen through out the year but nothing I don't try to explain away. One night in early 2007 I was working late and a client named Ann and I was telling her about some of the strange things that go on in the building. After doing a pedicure on her I tried to drain the water out of the chair but the pump would not turn on. I told Ann that I would try to drain it in a little while; I went back to drain the tub 45 minutes later to find the water was gone. Ann and I both laughed and said the ghost must be a girl because a boy would not have messed with it. By the way the pump was still not working.

I have been in that room many times and could feel someone watching at the door but when I would look no one was there. Through the year of 2007 lights would be on or things would be moved around but a week before Christmas in 2007 a lot of activity was happening. The ghost was topic of conversation all day. A girl (Lauren) who used to work there laughed and said you guys are funny there is no ghost in here. Around an hour after Lauren said that she had an encounter with it. Lauren had gone to the other side of the building to powder her nose when she was "shoved"; Lauren came straight to me with her eyes as wide as silver dollars and told me of her encounter. Lauren never said that there was no ghost in their after that!

Moving ahead to Feb of 2008; I was at work with Leigh and a client named Betty, we had been in there for about 30 minutes or so and Betty and I heard Leigh\'s clippers turn on, nothing unusual about that I thought. The clippers had been on for a good 5 minutes before Leigh comes in to where Betty and I were and asked if I had turned them on, I told her I thought she was cleaning them but she had not even been to her station yet.

Moving ahead OCT 2009 my mother was at the shop around 10pm cleaning and reorganizing her things, she was in the kitchen when she said she had this feeling of someone watching her. She had said that there was a lot of racket going on in the building but left after the feeling in the kitchen.

December of 2009 my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter was at the shop and needed to use the bathroom, she went into the same one Lauren did almost a year to the day before. When the baby came out she was scared. Ashlynn (the baby) came to me and said that scary was back there. I asked her to show me but she would not go back down the hall.

When I finally got her to go with me she stopped dead in her tracks and pointed and said "it's right there" of course I didn't see anything but she did. I asked her to tell me what it looked like and she kept saying it was black and has no eyes. (She is 4 now and tells the story like it was yesterday).

Ashley who also worked there had a digital clock that was plugged into the wall kept telling me that almost every time she came in the time was changed. It was only happening to her clock. Ashley also told me she seen someone sitting in a chair but when she turned to look again it was gone. I also had a woman that would come in to do massages named Jonna and she had told me of her feeling of being watched. Jonna came to me before I told her of the crazy things that go on.

About 3 years ago I took a picture of the building for my face book profile picture. This photo has been on face book for 3 years. I needed a picture for advertising and pulled the photo off face book, I got to looking at it closely and you can clearly see 4 figures in the windows. I was the only person there when I took the picture. I told my friend that sold the building to me. Michelle told me a story about a farm house that used to own all the property around me. I'm on the grounds. The farm house caught on fire and the little girl never made it out. I am hoping I can upload the picture for all to see.

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Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:04 am

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This is a great story, and scary! =) great none the less
Thank you for sharing.

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