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Mon May 24, 2010 3:52 pm

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On the Boardwalk: Santa Cruz, California is interesting travel story from the country United State. I hope you will enjoy to read this story !!!

I’d always been drawn to Santa Cruz for two specific reasons. First, my favorite movie of all time had been filmed there: The Lost Boys. I watched that film over and over when I was a kid! Also, every spring I was bombarded with commercials for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The rides! The cotton candy! The beach!
My parents weren’t having any of it. We took two week-long vacations each year, one in summer and one in winter. We went to the snow or to the Hawaii during the cold season and our summer trip always involved camping and water skiing. “We can’t water ski in Santa Cruz!” my dad would say, “Who ever heard of skiing in the ocean? We’re going to the lake this year.”
That went on for a few years until I became old enough to plan my own vacations and weekend road trips became a regular feature on my calendar. Naturally, I was gung-ho to load up a car full of friends and head to Santa Cruz. It was easy to talk them into it. What young adult doesn’t love a college town with a beach and lots of exciting rides?
I insisted that we get accommodation right on the beach, as close to the Boardwalk as possible. Though it was a little pricey, we were splitting the cost of one room between us so made reservations at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, which was just minutes away from the beach and the boardwalk. Everything I wanted was in walking distance!
We got there early Friday afternoon. Since the day was half over, we decided to hold off on paying full admission to the boardwalk until the next day. Instead, we checked into our room, freshened up and then headed to Santa Cruz’s popular downtown area, Pacific Avenue.
Have you ever seen someone wearing some unique clothing and wondered where they got it? I have. I would think to myself, “Now where did they find that shirt? I’ve never seen anything like it.” Well, after trolling Pacific Avenue, I realized that the way to get a unique wardrobe is to shop at boutiques.
I picked up two complete outfits at Moonzoom, a vintage clothing and costume store in downtown Santa Cruz. Even though the stuff was used, it was clean and stylish. I bought a pretty dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding, which was just a few weeks away, plus a vintage skirt and tank outfit, complete with sandals and a hat, perfect to wear on vacation!
Pretty soon we were all weary and hungry, so we headed back toward the beach and made our way out to the wharf. We were having dinner at Miramar, which promises the freshest seafood in town, and it really was - better than good, it was delicious! All my friends raved about their meals too, from the salmon to the steak, everybody was satisfied.
Even though we were tired, we wanted to go out for a night on the town, so after cleaning off the day’s grime back at our room, we headed back to Pacific Avenue to check out some live music.
We got lucky because most of the clubs along Pacific Avenue that featured live music and dancing required that patrons be twenty-one or older. But the Catalyst was hosting a teen dance night. Even though we didn’t get to see a live band, we did get to dance until after midnight.
The next day it was time to go to the beach boardwalk! There are over 35 rides, including the world-famous Big Dipper. I wanted to go on almost every ride, plus take in every single attraction. As it turned out, there wasn’t enough time to fit everything into just one day, but we definitely squeezed in as much as possible.
We ran from ride to ride. As much as I enjoyed the Big Dipper and Looff Carousel, I think the Logger’s Revenge was my favorite. We also played laser tag, which was a blast, and something I’d never done before. It was so much fun that we did it twice, once right before lunch and then again before dinner.
Even though the rides were the main attraction, one of my favorite parts of this trip was sitting on the beach and enjoying a tasty fish and chips lunch. They were so light and crispy, washed down perfectly with a big huge cup of raspberry iced tea. That’s not all we ate. Looking back, I think we stopped between every ride and attraction to munch on cotton candy, pink popcorn, enormous soft pretzels and spicy churros. It was like the town fair on steroids!
We ate and rode rides until we were all halfway sick and ready to collapse. By the time the boardwalk closed, we were dead on our feet, sunburned, and more than ready to call it day. As we headed back to our hotel, I turned and looked back. The rides were still lit up and it was just like a scene from The Lost Boys. Finally, I’d gotten to see it in person.

i usually like to read this kind of stories ! what you like ?



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Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:01 am

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No i don't like read that stories like this sroty

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