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Wed May 18, 2011 2:23 pm

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I've grown old,
Even in the mild Calcutta winter I feel cold,

Three score years that I've left behind,
Keep coming back now in my mind.

I went to school holding my mother's bag,
In college for the first time held a girl's hand.

The day dreams in my classroom never came true,
But I could feel I grew.

My studies over, I got a job,
From one company to another I had to hop.

Some luck and connections saw me through,
To the top rung of a ship's crew.

Many lands I visited over the sea,
I became a gypsy, food and wine free.

A handsome salary left me with plenty,
To blow away in pleasures scruples scanty.

In every port I had a lover,
And night after night,
I spent under the cover.

No night could please my mind or body,
Every girl on the shore left me more thirsty.

In wine and liquor on the deck,
I drowned my desire,
The nerve-racking ache.

During the long nights I wondered in the cabin,
What could be the cure?
For the rain-soaking famine.

It came welling back, like up a spire,
A painful longing for the female figure.

My mind became a stormy sea,
And the surging passions were raising,
Strong winds inside me.

Myself a tiny ship under the vault of the brain,
Tossing and turning, striving to remain.

The waves were high the sweeping gail,
Blown to bits of scattered shreds,
My mind the sail.

Dark night, the ravaging sea ceaseless,
In the huge waves of passion,
I drowned hopeless.

The next day as usual I went to the beach,
A call girl was waiting, to love me teach.

In the old age home,
I now see the distant past ,
Reliving before me.

Like a blue film the scenes float before my eyes,
So far away from the real types.

The storm has died down,
No passion can now raise,
Dry water into stormy waves.

Myself is now a ship on the beach,
For breaking and cutting,
To sell as junk cheap.

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Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:38 am

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It seems to a very nice selection.

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