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Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:37 am

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I’m Garret Edwards. I live in the city of Berrington. I go to Riverview School and I am in Year 4. Riverview School is one of the many hundred thousands of “reduction schools”. Reduction schools are basically strict and now common state schools that are run and controlled by the local NUST. They may or may not have students wear a uniform. Actually, the only students who wear a uniform are Junior Officers.

I live in the system and I experience it. We use credits instead of US Dollars due to NUST and UCE. We are forced to go to a horrid restaurant called Fruit Friendly. As you can guess, it serves fruit, vegetables and once in a while, fish. If people commit even a small, mildly harmless crime, they are sent to the cell. The cell is a large building where residents are forced to dress into a battered, oversized shirt and loose-fitting trousers and have a schedule to follow.

I walked to the park today to play ball with the others. It was very hot but we wore our caps to go with our tops and button-ups while we played ball. I was on the Red team and we won 4-1. So then we went to the curb, had a few drinks with our chesers and headed for home.

My life isn't perfect. Moving from large, popular Boston to this small, suburban dump in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a suitcase, 3 kids, 100 credits, a grey muscle top, a white long-sleeve tee, stonewash jeans, a small golden brown key and a pair of old Nikes just a while ago.

I've only been at Riverview for a few weeks but I learned the unwritten rules there. I learned them and rebelled against the people who enforce those miserable rules.

I'm Garrett Edwards of Berrington and this is my life.
I'm Garret


Mudat Hui Ek Shakhs Ko Bichrey Lekin
Aaj Tak Maire Dil Pe Ek Nishaan Baaqi Hai


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