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Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:14 am

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Everything's calm and quiet, like any other day. Until people start running, hiding, pushing, yelling, screaming. I can't even hear myself think. I don't know what's going on or what to do. Screams come from behind me. They're killing people! Innocent people! But why? Should I run? They're only killing certain people, and I fit the criteria! I know I'm in danger. My lungs fill with oxygen but don't release and refill for what seems like ages. I know this building better then anyone. I know where I can hide that no one will find me. I run as fast as I can. No one knows who the killers are, I'm cautious of everyone. I stop at a wall, people run around it to the other rooms, they're trying to save themselves. I take a moment to look around, they are all so scared. My eyes fill with tears until they can't hold any more and spill over. My vision becomes blurred.1

All their pained and scared faces, it hurts me. "Climb," my body says. I do as told. I climb the rugged wall until I reach it, the small hole not noticeable from the floor. I crawl in silently. I go deeper in, trying to stay hidden. The wall! It's changed. I haven't been in here in so long. It's no longer the dark small hole I remember. I have to move back so they don't see me through the holes. As I turn I notice something... The screams, the cries for help, the begging for mercy, and sobs... They're gone.2

"Search the place for survivors," I hear. It's a woman. Her voice sounds so hard! An alto voice, not too deep for a woman. I must not move or they'll find me! I'm curious what she looks like. "Bring me the cutters." I lean in to see her face. She has a horrible look on her face, it scares me. What's in her hand? And what does she want with the people that cut themselves. I cover my mouth to quiet a gasp. I look down at my left arm, covered in scars.3

I look back at her. There's people by the holes in the wall now! How did they get there?! I move back in the shadows. I gasp and a head snaps in my direction. 4

"In the wall!" She cries out. "There's someone in the wall!" I turn quickly to get out and try to run. But there's someone there! So quickly! I scream. She glares at me and I go silent.5

"Is she a cutter?" The woman with the alto voice and weird device in her hand asks. 6

"Show me your arm!" The woman next to me growls. I slowly lift my left arm. She sees the scars clearly. "We've got a cutter," she calls out. My breathing stops and then quickens as she drags me to the woman. She throws me down at the woman's feet. I slowly stand. The woman is much taller then I am. I glance up at her under my lashes. I can't hide it, fear is written all over my face. She grabs my chin and lifts my face to see it. 7

"Such a pretty face, pitty I have to kill you," she says. "Hold out your arms, palms up." I do as told. She lifts the device slowly. I see now what it looks like. It has a long handle and a sharp circular knife, and it has one long, sharp, jagged blade coming out of it, and another on the top. I notice now what she is going to do and what it is for! She is going to slash my wrists and leave me to bleed to death!8

I slowly look around. They're all just watching, some with smiles, they're enjoying this! The woman raises her hand with the device in it, ready to do it. I quickly look back at her and try to distract her. 9

"Wait!" I cry out. Her face goes blank and she lowers her hand. 10

"What?!" She growls at me. I try to talk but my words stumble over my tongue. 11

"I...Who are you?" I ask in a small voice. Maybe if I show that I'm innocent and scared she'll let me go. I can only hope...12

"That's irrelevant!" She snarls at me. 13

"Why are you killing these people? They're just like you," I whisper, making my voice so small she has to listen. 14

"Because they aren't right for this world anymore. Sort of like natural selection," she replies, not a hint of sorrow entering her eyes. 15

"That's not true! They deserve to be here just as much as you do!" I try to argue. 16

"Look, I'm just following orders." I swear she feels sorry for all of us... And yet she's ready to kill us? 17

"You don't have to do this!" I say. 18

"Yes I do!" Her hand comes down so fast; I didn't even know what happened until I felt it. I look down. Blood dripped from my wrists, but she hadn't gotten the angle right, the cut wasn't deep enough to kill me. Apparently she figured that fact out. Her arm raised again. I flinched away and she missed! My eyes filled with tears again and they spilled over. I was so close to dying! I couldn't breathe, I was so scared! Everything went black....19

I don't know how long it had been when I finally woke. I am still alive! But why didn't they kill me? I hear voices. They are coming toward me. They are coming to kill me! I hear a loud piercing sound and notice it is me screaming. Their footsteps quicken. I bite my tongue until I taste blood and hide. They enter the room. 20

"Where did she go?" one says. I cover my mouth so they don’t hear me whimpering. I pray they leave and not kill me.21

My pulse is thudding so loud in my ears that I don’t hear one approach me. I am under the desk, curled up with my knees against my chest. 22

"I found her," he whispers in a gentle, soothing voice. He slowly reaches toward me, I scream and flinch. I try to get as far away from him as possible. "Poor thing, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise," he croons. I am shaking from fear and exhale the breath I notice I had been holding in. He slowly pulls his hand away but never takes his eyes from my face. There is something about his eyes that makes me trust him. He gets up and backs away. I slowly crawl out, making sure to avoid him and touching him. 23

I watch both men intently as I slowly walk back to the bed. I sit on the corner, huddled against the bedpost. These two men could still be a threat to me and it worries me. I have to keep calm though. If I let it show that I am scared then they will know it will be easy to do as they wish. At the same time though, being small and insecure may help me. They are men, after all. 24

"Don't worry we won't hurt you, Honey. You have nothing to fear when you're with us." I hadn't noticed what they look like, until now. The man who tried to touch me when I was under the desk is tall, maybe 6'2. His skin is a gold color and he isn’t muscular but he isn’t lanky either. The man has dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a white coat; I think he's a doctor of some sort. "I'm a doctor; I used to be a priest until my help was needed here, at the hospital." I watch the way his jaw moves with every word he says; I watch every muscle in his legs and arms, if he makes a move toward me I will run. 25

The other man slowly paces behind the used to be priest, whose name I still do not know. The other man is shorter, roughly 5'7 or so. He has blond hair that is cropped short and freckles sprinkled all over his face. I notice, already, that he chews his nails when nervous, contemplating, or curious about something. He also wears a white coat, so he is a doctor too. The way he moves makes me think he worries I would turn savage on everyone in the hospital. 26

"I'm Ian by the way, and this is John," the taller man says. I look at him cautiously, wondering what he is going to do. "I'm going to have John get you clothes, and something to eat, ok? Please, don't be frightened of us; we're here to help you." John scowls at Ian and Ian gives him a hard stare before John finally sighs and stalks out of the room. Am I, one small fragile girl, really such a threat to him and everyone in this hospital? 27

Ian sits on the same desk I had hid under just a few minutes before, probably not wanting to scare me by sitting near me. "You're safe now; please you have nothing to fear. We're at peace now. Those people were quite hateful, of exactly what we're still not sure." I study his face as he speaks; his brow pulls together as if talking of such things hurts him. Had he lost loved ones? A wife perhaps?28

"What are those from?" Ian nods towards my left arm. I hide my arm behind me so he can't see the scars. Thank god I am in pants, for there are even more on my legs. When you're an addict to the adrenaline rush and the blood, like me, that's what you get I suppose. "Ok, you don't want to talk about it, I understand." Ian says softly. Somehow, even with how much I fear him, I find his presence and voice somewhat comforting. I study every inch of him curiously as he stays completely still, as if moving a single inch will send me into a wild frenzy. 29

I hear John's footsteps long before Ian does. I suppose since they work together he learned to tune out his loud, pounding strides. I huddle closer to the bedpost wishing it could protect me more than I know is possible. Ian must have noticed the frightened look on my face, for he becomes slightly concerned, which I don't understand. Why would someone who wants to harm me, be concerned about me? John appears in the doorway and throws something round on the bed. I flinch, hoping it won't hit me. I turn to see what it was and it is an orange. My stomach growls loudly as I then realize I am ravenous. I worry about eating here though, what if they poison the food to get rid of me faster? He sets the clothes on the desk by Ian, then walks over to the wall and leans against it. 30

"How old are you, you look young, like you'd still be in high school." I look at Ian again as he speaks. After waiting a few minutes for my reply, he realizes I will not say anything. John has a short temper; he seemed to get aggravated quite easily. Ian glares to warn him to keep his cool then motions for John to follow him as they leave the room. 31

I am left here, all alone. I don't know if my family is still alive, or anyone I knew. I don't even know why those people started killing people in the first place. I stand slowly, watching the door to make sure neither John nor Ian are coming back then walk over to the desk and grab the clothes. I come to the conclusion that I have to get out, now. I change quickly and decide to try to sneak out, though I don't know my way around this hospital. 32

I poke my head out the door and make sure no one was around before slowly walking down the hall. I see a door leading outside at the end. I aim for that door, hoping no one sees me. Oddly, though I hardly know him and still fear him, I worry what Ian will think. I check every hall, every opening I pass and make it safely to the door.33

As I walk outside I realize nothing is as it had been before the killings. Everything is destroyed, burned, broken, and torn down. The sight of it makes me nauseous though I have nothing in my stomach to purge.34

The town, which was so beautiful before, so lively, now has dead streets, not a single soul walking the lonely roads. The air still smells of smoke from people burning things. I begin to wonder how they overcame the attackers, where they were. Though I fear being trapped, I return to my hospital room and wait for Ian.35

I only wait a few minutes before Ian comes in. He’s carrying a glass of water and sets it down on the table next to the bed. He glances a few times, trying to give me my space I suppose. "Ian," my voice cracks on his name. Fear and lack of water made my throat too dry to speak. He hands me the glass of water; I down it quickly then set it on the table and try to ask again. “Ian, what happened to the people who were trying to kill us all?" I ask in a soft whisper, fearing my voice will crack again if I speak any louder. He looks at me with curious eyes, studying my face as I studied his before.36

"They were imprisoned," he hesitates and watches me worriedly. “Most were killed for killing others.” Ian watches me even more intently. I wonder why he worries so much for me. My face remains blank and he figures it is okay to go on. “Some were tortured until they told why they started the killings in the first place, but those answers have not been released yet. There are rumors that it was because of hate and anger or from them simply being prejudice.” He still watches me, though he tries to make it less noticeable.37

I nod slowly and lay down; I want him to leave so I can think. He must’ve understood, because he turns and walks out slowly. This is what the world is now. We need to fix it, but at the same time make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again. I still wonder why the killings happened, but I figure it is best I don’t know. I know I have no family and no friends left. I will have to learn to trust Ian, though, as impossible as it seems, I already trust him more than I should. This was my new life, and I know it well. My eyelids become heavy as my thoughts trail away, I slowly slip into a deep sleep. I have to cope and become a new person with this new world.

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