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Thu May 26, 2011 11:35 am

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One night, my cousins decided to sleep over my grandma's (the upper part of my house) house, and I did too.

My older cousin, Jonathan (Johnny), had to get up at 4 am to go to work with my aunt and uncle, so my uncle told us to go to sleep immediately. But, us being teenagers, we ignored him. We all went on our I Phones and talked about a variety of things.

Then, we began to talk about the ghosts in their house and the dreams that went with it. I started talking about the ghosts here, when suddenly; something hit the iron on the back of my bed, right behind my head, hard. We all froze, then began to panic a little. Now, I know it wasn't my cousins, because Johnny was on the couch in front of me, and although I was sharing the bed with my other cousin, Kim, she was sitting up in the middle of the bed, no where near the back of the bed.

When I and Kim looked for anything that could've caused it, there was nothing but the carpet on the floor. Johnny looked like he wanted to run out of here, and Kim was creeped out. We also tried to recreate the sound, but we found to make the sound, you had to hit the iron hard with your knuckles.

After that, we went back to talking, but we were all scared. Then, we heard foot steps and immediately thought, "Crap, he's going to see us awake". We all flopped down into fake sleeping positions. We heard a click of the light switch and more footsteps, but no light and no person. Still, we waited for 3 minutes, and then sat up. We all then decided that if it was our uncle, or anyone, they would have turned on the light.

Then, there was a prominent tap on the ceiling. It could only come from the attic. The Johnny pointed out that no one's ever been to the attic. Only after turning on the light were we able to sleep after wards.

When I told this to my mom, she still thought there were no ghosts, that one of my cousins had done this. What do you think, because I'm starting to doubt my sanity.



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Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:52 am

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kuch khas nai hai

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