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Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:43 am

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Chapter 1
Red is the color of blood. Blood that was once coursing through my veins. It kept my
heart racing. A heart that once belonged to my family. One night I went to sleep. I dreamt of life.
A life that belonged to me. A life that I no longer live. I went to sleep that night and never
woke up.

Chapter 2
Simply standing. There are many around me. Living or dead. Distant sobs behind me as the
gathered start to walk to their cars. Paying no attention to anyone but my father. His face is like stone. Standing there, staring at his beloved wife’s grave. Never one to show any emotions. Not even willing to tell me that it will be ok. The car ride is silent all the way home. As I walk in I now realize that it is an empty home. No longer filled with my mother’s love and happiness.

Growing up my father was always very strict. My mother was the exact opposite. He wouldn’t let me leave the table until I finished my vegetables, while she would be the one to come by every once and a while and steal some away with a napkin. They were perfect for each other.

They gave me a simple name. George. It isn’t very unique, but it is the name I was given, and I love it. Usually whenever my father speaks the first words out of his mouth are always “You know when I was a boy.” With the occasional “Good Morning” or “Listen to your mother.” We have never had the best relationship. He demands that I call him sir, never dad or father. He says that it is a sign of respect, but I think it’s something deeper between me and him. Even when I was little all I can remember is calling him sir. He calls me “boy”. I don’t think I have ever even heard him say my name. Since my mother died he hasn’t spoken a word to me. He seems very lost without her. They were soul mates I guess. They met when they were twenty. I think it was summer of 1906. They got married two years later. My mother had me November 3, 1909 when she was twenty-three. A lot of time has passed since then though. Its 1923 and I’m fourteen now.

We live in New York. In this big house that could fit about five more families. We don’t use a lot of the rooms. We never really did. They are just there. My mother decorated the house. All of the furniture covered with intricate designs of flowers. It reminds me of her. She would always bring me to her garden out back. She loved that place. It was hers. She would spend hours every day out there. She would sit and stare at her flowers, or plant new ones. It’s winter now, so the snow is covering up everything. When we get into the house “sir” goes to his study without saying a word. I’m exhausted, so I drag myself up the stairs to my room, change, and collapse into bed.

Chapter 3
I dreamt about my mother last night. It was my ninth birthday. Sir was working, so mom
took me to the park. We walked while talking and eating ice cream. We were laughing because
the ice cream was melting and dripping all over the place. She also took me to the theater to see
Just Rambling Along. It was a comedy, my favorite. It also had one of my favorite actors, Stan
Laurel. We spent all day together. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I only have good
memories of my mother. I don’t think that I can even remember a time when she got mad at me.
We had the best relationship I could have ever asked for. Sure, once and a while I would begin to
be difficult, but she always kept her calm. She was an amazing mother. I realize that it is almost
nine o’clock, so I get out of bed and put on my slippers. When I get downstairs, Celia (our maid)
has all ready made breakfast.

“Good morning Celia.” I say as I walk into the dining room.

“Good morning George! How did you sleep?” Celia has always been one of the cheeriest people I know. Her and my mother were very close and got along great. I know that she is sad
about her passing, and that she is just trying to be strong for me.

“I dreamt about mother.”

“Oh” she looks down at the table when I mention her, “are you okay?”

“Yes Celia I’m fine. It was a good dream.” I see a tear escape from her eye and she
quickly wipes it away with her hand and puts on a smile.

“Where is Sir?”

“Oh, your father, he is still in his study. Mr. Patterson dropped by not too long ago. I think
that he is still in there if you want to go say hello.”

“I’ll let them talk. I’m just going to run to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

“Yea, sure you will.” She says in a sarcastic tone. I just happen to walk by the study on
my way to the bathroom, and Sir and Mr. Patterson talking.

“Jacob, you have to tell the boy sometime.”

“I know, but I haven’t had a relationship with him at all. Don’t you think he will be suspicious if out of the blue we start to actually spend time together.”

“Yes, but even if you don’t tell him he is going to find out somehow.”

“Anna always treated him like a gift. She wrote me this letter before she passed. She
wants him to still be happy, and she doesn’t think that he can without me in his life.”

“Well, Jacob it is what she wants don’t you want her to be happy too.”

“Of course I do. I love her. I just don’t think that I can do it. Anna got over it shortly after

she got pregnant. She knew what she wanted. She didn’t want an abortion, and she could not give this baby up. She decided long before she even had the boy that she wasn’t going to let what happened to her affect his life. I just don’t think that I can do that. The thought of him makes me sick. He is a great kid and all, but just where he comes from makes knots in my stomach.”

“Do you think you will ever tell him.”

“I don’t think that I have the heart to tell him what happened to his mother and that I’m
not really his father. He will be broken for the rest of his life. I don’t know what I’m going to

Chapter 4
When I hear those words, my heart drops into my stomach. I need to get away as fast as I
can. I run back down the hallway, through the dining room, and out the front door. I can hear Celia yelling after me.

“George what happened? Where are you going?” I don't stop to acknowledge her. I can't
be around anybody right now. I'm running down main street in my pajamas. As I look back I can now see that Sir and Celia are chasing me.

“George!” Celia yells, “come back!” I run until I get to the park. I find a bench and sit
down. It is still early, so nobody is around. He hates me. He really hates me. He isn't even my father. It kind of makes sense. He hasn't acted like one at all. They finally catch up to me.

“George, what were you thinking?” Celia comes over and hugs me. I remain silent. I only
want to talk to him right now. I only want answers.

“Celia, do you mind leaving us alone for a minute?”

“Not a problem sir, I will just meet you back at the house.” she keeps looking back at me
as she walks away, but I pretend not to notice.

“Boy, what you heard in there, it wasn't true. You don't make me sick. Your father makes
me sick.” He's staring right at me.

“Who is my father? Why haven't you acted like one all these years?”

“I don't know who your father is, neither did your mother. Here,” he hands me a letter. I
can tell its from my mother by the handwriting, “this explains everything.”

Dear George,
My darling boy. You know how much I love you. I left you this letter in my will. I want you to know the truth about your life. I'm sorry to say that when you get this I will be dead. I need to tell you that my husband is not your father. A horrible thing happened to me before you were born. Your real father is a very bad man. I cannot tell you who he is because I do not know. You will understand more of this when you are older. Even if my husband is not your father I love you all the same. You are one of the two best things that had ever happened to me. I want you to have the best life that you can possibly have without me. I want you to now try to build a relationship with “Sir”. You will call him father. I love the both of you so much and please do not blame your father for not having a good relationship with you all of these years. He really does love you. You two are going to have an amazing life. Tell Celia I said hello and I will be watching over all of you always.

Love, Mom

“Are you okay George?” I am starting to cry now.

“ You called me George.”

“Of course I did. I really do love you. You and your mother meant everything to me. Now that she is gone, I am going to step up for you.”

“You promise?”

“I promise, now lets go home.”

“Okay dad.” he pulls me off the bench and we start walking.

“So, now that we have this new found relationship and all, can we get a puppy?”

“We will talk about it.”



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