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Mon May 09, 2011 2:03 pm

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Anyone would think that having a mobster father would be awesome. Sometimes it was. I mean, if anyone so much as thought anything bad or hurtful about me - BOOM - they disappeared. Being untouchable was awesome, but most of the time, my mobster father was a pain in my ass. Like overprotective, freaky dad multiplied by infinity pain in my ass. But I loved him nonetheless. After all, it was the THOUGHT that counted. And all he ever did was think about me, keeping me safe and as uninvolved with his mobster tendencies as he could.
His latest 'thought' was getting me a body guard. I HAVENT EVEN GRADUATED - let alone stay at a school long enough to graduate. Apparently it didn't matter to him. He still thought his enemies would be able to find me, despite my constant moves around the country. The only upside to this crazy scheme was that there would be at least one stable person in my life - someone I could talk to without having them ripped away from me when I was forced to move again. Other than that we were talking social suicide.
So, because of my fathers latest attempt at the 'keep Ronnie safe' mission, I am sitting in headmistress Kingston's office, waiting the arrival of my 'guard dog'.
Kill me now.

The air in the room was cold and crisp. Every time I released my breath, a warm, grey fog clouded around my mouth. I left my thoughts about my new body guard and remembered back to last night.

When dad's name flashed across my caller ID, I dropped whatever it was I was doing and headed outside. The air was cool, but the sun was shining on me, as if it sensed my change in mood. "DAD" I had practically screamed into the poor cell phone.
"Baby, how are you?" The conversation continued on as a normal conversation would. Dad telling me something funny about his 'clients' and me telling him everything about my life that he had missed. Not many fathers did this with their kids, so I thought my dad was extra sweet. I always enjoyed our conversations - they left me smiling and no one could bring down my mood afterwards.
That is, except for my father. "Sweetie, there has been a little trouble with business so I am taking extra precautions. I've hired you a body guard. I know that your at school and safe, but my mind would be at ease if - "
"YOU GOT ME A GUARD DOG!" After an argument that I knew was lost from the beginning, I told my dad I loved him and hung up.

The office door slammed, its hinges screaming in protest against their sudden movements, and I came back to the present - back to Ms Kingston's drab office. An overwhelming smell intruded my nostrils... and it captivated me. Instead of turning around, I opted for studying my nails. I heard no footsteps. 'he must be as nervous as i am' I thought. With a sigh I turned around to face the man that would, no doubt, look like a massive pedo' following me around school.
Brown, wavy hair - I wanted so badly to run my fingers through it.
Deep brown eyes - like a pool I could dive into and lose myself in.
Soft, pink lips and the perfect amount of stubble - something out of a sexy fairytale.
HE WAS FINE! and I had him all to myself.
With an amused smile dancing on his lips, he did a semi-formal bow. "Veronica, it is a pleasure to be guarding you." His deep, treble voice was husky.
"Ronnie" I corrected, with a flirtatious smile.
"Nathaniel Greene, but you," he gave me a once over, "can call me Nate." His long, muscled arm extended towards me as I buried my hand in his. He immediately pulled away from the jolt of electricity that passed between us. I gestured for him to sit next to me. As we sat across from each other, the cold, crisp air turned warm and awkward. "Tell me about yourself."
"What would you like to know?" my voice shook like a rickety bridge. Never in my life had I been nervous for anything, but this man, despite knowing him for all of two minutes, did strange things to me.

"There's nothing that interesting about me. Since I was a five I've been to more schools than I thought existed. I haven't been anywhere long enough to have any stories. You on the other hand, must have plenty if stories." His head tilted to the side, a litlle of his hair dancing across his face.
"I'll make you a deal." the amused look on his face was gorgeous. "You answer on of my questions and I'll answer on of yours. Deal?" I nodded eagerly and he continued. "Favorite colour?" I laughed.
"That's it?" He simple nodded and I thought about it. No one had really asked me something like this before. It wa the most simple question, yet I had no idea how to answer it. "Peach." I smiled deviously at him. "Don't think I'm throwing easy questions at you. Hmm ..." Thoughts swirled around my mind like a tornado. "So, your a body guard. I'm assuming that it's been your first serious professional job - I mean your pretty young - but um, what's the most dangerous situation you've been in? How did it turn out?"
His face was like a blank canvas as he absentmindedly rubbed the back of his neck. "That's two questions" his voice like a whisper.
"I'm sorry," my cheeks flushed red. "I won't bring it up again, I didn't know. I'm sorry." Nate looked up and gave me a sad smile.
"No , it's ok." His expression was a mix between sadness, awe and curiosity. "I'll make you a new deal, I'll tell you my story and you tell me yours - even if it isn't interesting." I laughed. He used my own words against me, how unfair!

"The last person I guarded, well he was the first person I was hired to. My best friend, Liam, he was the only son of a very wealthy family in England and they wanted the best. Apparently that meant a young boy" he pointed to himself, "from halfway across the world. But I took the job, anything to travel. We became close, like brothers - much closer than Liam and his other body guard. Almost a year ago my sister, Emma, and Liam were both taken by the same man. Liam had ordered me to take a holiday, so I was back here visiting my family when I got the notes. They were full of cryptic clues about Liam and Emma, about what the sick man had been doing to them. When it came down to it, I could only save one of them. And I valued my sisters life over my charge and my best friend. Upon flying back to England I braced myself to tell his family that they had lost their only son and it was my fault." I grabbed his hands and squeezed them in mine, a gesture if comfort. "They never blamed me you know," his voice broken and scratchy, "they were just proud that, even though I was technically on holidays, I had the courage to go into something completely unknown to save them both - even if it meant I could only come out with one." his eyes closed and he took a deep breath in. "I haven't spoken to them since, every month or so I get an email from Liam's mum or dad, asking me how I'm going, how the family's going - where I am." I reached over to his face, grabbing his rough chin in mine, lifting it up so he would meet my eyes.
"None of that was your fault. You have to believe that." I lost myself in his eyes. Right now they were so wide, so vulnerable.
"Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. But I'm working on it." Again his face was blank, no emotion on display anymore. "but what about you?"
"Mum died when I was little, dad ships me off to a new boarding school every few months to keep my location hidden from his clients, enemies, you know things like that. And, I know this doesn't really compare to you, but the saddest thing for me... I've never had a real friend before. No one to gossip with, laugh with, have sleepovers with. Never had anyone ask me on a date. It's been a pretty sad 16 years of life."
"Well, then I guess I'm going to have to help you fix those things." like I had done, he squeezed my hand. "I'm going to be your friend." When I looked at his face I saw that his smile, the twinkle in his eyes, they were genuine.
"Well then, maybe having a guard dog won't be as horrible as I thought it would be."

We at there for a while, still talking about little things - like what the other liked and disliked. Nate was definitely going to be someone I would get along with. Sitting and talking with him was like breathing - easy. We didn't move until my stomach rumbled.
"Lunch time" I said sighing happily. I loved me some food.

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