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Thu May 05, 2011 12:33 pm

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It all started at the beginning of Sophomore year. In a place called Ranbell Highschool. Im not the most popular. Im actually one of the children invisiable. But I did piss on the Defensive Lineman Ranbell varsity foot-ball team. And I walked down the hallway for my life.

"Shit gatta gatta gatta run run run!" Was all I could think. The Foot-ball player (Bud) and his two friends were behind me. Now I'm a big kid 6'0 190 pounds, but Bud towered over me at 6'4 and 220 pounds. I turned the corner all I could hear was the squeak of my shoes and nike ruffeling my baggy black shirt. and clinging to the chains on my baggy denim shorts. I was looking for a place to hide. As I walked I felt a hand tug on the collar of my shirt and pull me into a room. I automatically thought it was Bud. "Yo man I do not know what I did to you Piss off, but back now!" I had my eyes closed, but I herd a voice. Kind of soft, a girls voice. "Dude open your eyes, your good." I opened my eyes to see Pink tiles every where and then I noticed the pink stall. I was in the girls room.

But I stopped staring at the girls' room and saw the girl for me. She was 5'10 my guess. probably 15 like me. And couldnt have weighed an ounce over 100 lbs. She looked too skinny, but she looked cool to me that she dressed emo. A black and white checkerd torn flannel shirt. A pale blue tank top under the flannel shirt. and a pair of jeans that just seemed to embrace frame. I also saw the fingerless gloves and purple streaks in her hair. hair and brown eyes.

"Uhh you gunna Somethin 'say?" she asked. "Oh, uh thanks for savin my ass back there." I smiled out of breath. "Do not mention. So what were those boys chasin you?" "I do not know, but I was not stopping to ask them." She giggled at my comment. She held out her hand "Amy." she smiled. "Matt" I held her hand to shake, but no, they dapped me up. surprised me, but ok.

She stuck her head in the girls room and looked around. She turned to me "Your safety will come out." I walked out with her beside me. "See you around, thanks again." I said. "Anytime dude." She ran the other way. Lunch was next for me. I sat at my usual table with my friends Brad, John and Jeff.

"Man, what happened last time I saw you runnin from Bud in my classroom window." Brad said taking a bite of his hamburger. Oh Ya I saw that I was dying. " John said, laughing again. "Nothin Bud wanted me here. This girl has helped me. And that was it." I said, "Im just glad he doesn't have the lunch." "Whoa Whoa a girl ..... GIRL .... yo boy Matt was actually talking to a chick. And we thought you were gay." Jeff said John and Jeff laughed. "HEY! Not funny." Brad snapped. "Oh sorry man .... you remember that a little out of the closet." Jeff apologized. "After that, though. She was pretty cool ... kinda cute." I admitted. "AHH Matty Boys in love." Brad chuckled. "Hey, I said she was cute I didn't say I was gunna marry her." Brad, Jeff, and John began to laugh, so I took my lunch and left the table I was looking for a place to sit, when I saw a hand waving at me. The fingerless glove on the hand let me know that my new friend Amy. I went and sat with her group of friends. 2 other girls. They all laughed and dressed emo. "Guys, guys, this is the guy I saved today." Amy said. "Is it true that you yaself angry when you hold?" A girl asked. "Uhh." Before I could speak the other girl broke in. "They didn't say he pissed himself. She said he jumped ten meters." "Now that I did. I thought she was Bud." I laughed. "Oh, these are my friends Matt and Jackie Ashley. The Twins." Both nodded. All three girls started talking about music and school work. I learned that they all freshman and they all went to high school I went. Funny I never saw them. I'm starting to notice that Amy was really cute I kinda go for the emo / punk thing. I was when I herd zonein Amy said: "My boyfriend wants me to his familys house for his mother's birthday." That was a wake up call. She was already taken, so I was not going to do anything. "Ohhhhhh blushin Matt are you?" Jackie asked. "No!" I protested, "Ya you are, you're blushin." Ashley laughed. Amy looked surprised. "Are you blush for your flock, I had a boyfriend?" Amy grinned. "Ha ha ya funny." I mocked. I saw everyone was leaving cause lunch was closed. Before I left Amy said she needs everyone's number because they just got a new phone. She grabbed some Jackie Ashley, and mine. We all left. Less than 5 minutes after the exchange I got a text from a song that I didn't know. I assumed it was Amy's, so her number and I red the text stored.

He is only 13.

I texted back.


3 minutes later.

My boyfriend.

I started laughing and was teasing her about the fact that a cougar and she was enjoyin my jokes. We ended up texting each other a lot. In the coming months we ended up becoming good friends. She'd text me and they trusted me and I trusted her she would talk to me about her boyfriend and what was wrong with him. I so wanted to take advantage of the situation but as a good friend I decided not to. A month after I met her was one week away Halloween. So I asked her to relax. She happily agreed.

The night before Halloween I was talking with Amy to see if we still on for Halloween. "Hey we still on for Halloween?" I asked "Only if you still want to be." She said. "Ya I do ha ha." I said "Ok then ..." She seemed quiet, so I asked her if something was wrong. "My boyfriend is pissed off at me." She admitted. "Why?" I asked. "Because he thought I was going to chill with you on Halloween instead of him and his trouble making friends." she said softly. "Well whats he sayin?" I asked. "Him and his friends are sayin how he will get high. And his friends try to fuck him. And he says he doin things, but just tell me what." she said. "What do you think he means when he says he doin stuff ... do you think he means like drugs or shit with another girl." "BOTH!" She shouted into the phone.
Eventually I tried to cheer her up. and it half worked. I kept reassuring that Halloween was great and when they are cool with me she wont even worry about her boyfriend. I herd the fimiliar makes them giggle and they agreed. We hung up and I went to bed,

On Halloween I was in my room with a Jason Voorhees mask. Fake Blood all over my baggy white t-shirt and I was talking to Brad on the phone.

"Just do it man." Brad said "I do not know man." I said, 'Listen your hair and if they tell you what is wrong with her boyfriend then of course they are trying to tell you something. " Brad said. "Ya shes telling me that they trust me. I do not know ... I think I'll tell her I think shes cute or something." I admitted. "No. Tell her that you want. You know this man." Brad encouraged me. After a few seconds of hesitation I broke down and decided to tell her. I hung up the phone and when to meet. On the way to the park where she would be to see me I got a text from her.

Matt. My friend and his friend, you unannounced at my house and they run. Im so sorry ...

That was a hit in the gut. So I ended up going to the park and I saw her with two boys. One was taller than me and I saw a child shorter than her. I walked up to her and she mouths the words "Im Sorry." I gave her a reassuring smile. The tall boy ran and said "Hey Im Jason." I dapped him. He frowned I knew he wanted a handshake. "So you ... you have a 13-year high ass mutha fucka." I laughed. I put the fake accent Amy tried not to laugh. Jason seemed irritated. We were all chilling Amy Jason was hanging on every where. I think he felt threatened. Amy and I were joking she pushed me. I pushed her. She went to kick me, but I grabbed her leg. "Let's go for a walk." I joked and she was laughing. Her boyfriend ran and grabbed her waist. "Ok simple enough." He said. I was irritated. Every two seconds he would push his tongue down her throat. The other guy left. So it was just me and Amy and Jason. I walked them both to lead them to the skatepark. I herd behind me whisper. and all of a sudden I herd. "I thought we were going to shut it." I turned around and Jason laughed. Amy saw the anger in my face. Amy pushed him and ran. He ran after her to a corner. I sat there like an idiot. I thought they really shut me. but Amy came back to the corner and so did Jason. we walked back to the park and just chilled. Jason was still faced with Amy. I was irritated. Finally I call Jeff.

"Hey whats up?" Jeff asked. "Kill me." "Why?" "I was suppose to chill out with Amy tonight. Her boyfriend shows up and makes me the third wheel." I said. "Damn that fuckin sucks. What's he doin?" he asked. "He's pulling for me and kissed her. He was like yo I thought we were gunna shut him a shit. Im fuckin sick." I complained. "Well then come chill in my house and watch horror movies with me and John." Jeff said. I thought about it. "Sounds good ill than half hour." I hung up and went back to Amy and Jason who still draw Surprise. "Im out of here." I said. "Are you sure." Amy asked. I think they saw my depressed look. I really should have taken that Jason Voorhees mask on all night. "Ya Im going home." I lied. "Goodbye." Jason said. Amy flashed him a look of anger. She turned to me. "Matt-ar." I interrupted her "Bye." I said I turned around and kept the peace sign for about 10 seconds and he trudged to the house of Jeff's. My phone that night is deceased. I ended up getting home like 1:30 in the morning. I put my phone on the charger. I have two text messages both as 3 hours ago.

Amy 9:30 P.M
Matt I'm really sorry ... He just came i didn't know what to say ...

Amy 10:00 P.M
Please Matt Are You Ok .....

I put my phone away and passed out. I just woke up and my shoes and brushed my teeth. I went to school in my PJ's. Whenever I would go into the hall Amy's I would just ignore her. I wasn't trying to be mean. I was just hurt and angry and when I talked to her I would most likley explode. She ended up pulled me aside at lunch. It was too noisy to talk, so they took me to the fifth floor where no one usually is. She looked at me and I looked right threw her. "What's wrong?" She asked. "Nothing." I said. "Please tell me whats wrong. "I looked at her" You know what ticked me off .... We had a plan of your Boy tagged along and on top of that I felt like a third wheel .... fuckin how does that happen how do I get treated like third wheel when im the one who made plans in the first place? ... And what was with him saying that I thought we were gunna ditch him? Who does he think he is ... does he think he is heavy I dont care if he is sick for more than to break it to my size! "I slumped against the wall and slid down. It took one minute to speak, but she finally said something." Im sorry Matt. He just tagged along, he's my boyfriend knows I couldnt tell him to run. And I yell at him for the whole ditchin point I was like That's my friend you do not talk to him like that! I dont talk to your friends that if I No! "I looked at her." Ya you did. And even if you didn't you had more chance to say no to him when he was always pushing his tongue down ya throat .... for me always makin me feel strange, like what is he tryin to send me a message or something I get it taken Fuck you! "

She looked a lil uncomfortable. I have you looked at her and said I had to go to class and I would talk to her later. I walked away still struggling. Later that day when I was at my house she texted me asking me if she could talk to me because they really need to get something off her chest. I wanted to say know, but I was still the friend she could talk, so I said yes. She also said after you left us in the park we have a bit .... a bit .... had sex and I feel really awful.

I was so tired beyond the point that I said Oh. She said she felt really bad so I said oh. They then started telling me how she hated her boyfriend and how he's so immature. I just said well you dated a 13-year-old so thats how it is.

Approximately one week later, me, her, Jackie, Ashley, and this funny little guy named Mike. I was calmed down about what happened on Halloween. We were all a joke when I saw my friend Derek who I hadent seen in a while. I ran up and gave him a hug bro. "Whats up man Matt." Derek said laughing. "Oh ya Nothin .... just to see that girl. (I pointed to Amy)" Amy Ya, ive known her since last year. " he exclaimed. "Oh Well Im tryin to tell her I love her, but I cannot get her away from her friends." I said. "Well do you want me to call her here, so you can tell her." he asked. "Hell No No No Man." I snapped. "Ok man .... HEY AMY come here for TWO SECONDS" Derek yelled to Amy. I panicked. "Yo man dont. Do not say two words about this man." "Yo chill out I havent seen Amy in a while I just want to say hi to her." Derek said. I had a drink, so I went across the street to the corner store. When I came back it was back to normal.

Saturday was the day after that. I was hanging with Brad and we were suppose to meet with Amy and Jessica. We were suppose to meet at the Galleria, as a sort of mini-mall. So we came up with Jessica. Amy would like one hour or so. We have there and all of us are laughing and joking around. Then it got quiet shit. And Jessica broke the Silance.

"So I herd you like Amy." Jessica said. I stammerd to her. "Uh .. I. .. Uh .... how do you know." I asked. "Derek told Amy and Amy told me." she exclaimed. I felt really ashamed. But Brad broke the Silance. "Hey man she knows you like her and she still wants to hang out that's a good sign." Jessica chimmed in "Ya, and she told me she kind of loves you, but she also likes her boyfriend. And between the three of us I think you would make a better friend than Jason." All three of us laughed. Amy arrived and everything was normal. It was dark and Brad Jessica pushed on the swing. I asked Amy if she could talk. Amy and I walked around and sat on the grass. And I Ground.

"Well ..... as much as I didn't want him. But I think that tells you Derek. And if he didn't tell you to cool. But Amy I tell you I like you. I really do. And this is not a school boy in love with a real thing. And I honestly believe you have Jason Dumo, because you deserve better than him. even if you do not end with me. Jessica told me you already knew. She also said that you said you loved me, but you also like your boyfriend and I totally understand that. "I confessed. She looked at me and smiled. "Listen You want the truth, I think you really. I think even more than Jason, but I cannot dump him after I fucked him. And Jason has a chance of earning. If shit does change with him Im dumping him. I hope I cannot understand you now. But I want you to know I love you. "

I understood that we hugged and we ended up hanging out the rest of the night. I think she gave Jason a chance and he blew it. She dumped him. Amy and I were hanging out at the park, lying on the grass. I lay on my back staring at the stars. and she was on her stomach to do the same. She ended up breaking the sliance.

"Im really cold." she said between the strips. I wore a very large hoodie. "Well, here. I took off my sweater and gave it her. She smiled and said she had a better idea. She ended up placing her head on my chest and put the hoodie on us as a sort of blanket. We were still on Looking at the stars and I put my hand on hers. She jumped a bit surprised, but she held my hand tightly. And then she looked at me and I looked at her and we get closer and kissed. It was definitely great. We were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time.

It was two months ago that time and we are happier than ever with each other and love each other very much. I think my happy ending and I have my punk rock princess by my side.


Mudat Hui Ek Shakhs Ko Bichrey Lekin
Aaj Tak Maire Dil Pe Ek Nishaan Baaqi Hai


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