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Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:16 am

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I sat down at the cold table. My arms rested on it.
I stared down at the letters which had been scribbled on the pieces of paper.
I swallowed hard and knew what I was getting myself into. I heard the stories, the stories of glassy-glassy gone wrong.
The summoning of the dead, the summoning of a demon, gone wrong.
It was a stupid idea to even question it. Of course it would go wrong, the dead is the dead, and you can't mess with it.
But I was dumb and curious and I did.
And this is my story.
Of My Possession.

It first started when I heard about people doing it, and getting results.
The dead would move the glass to the letters and spell out answers. It was so interesting! I just had to try it.
On that fateful night I made my own game of Glassy-glassy, and it was a big mistake.

I placed my hand gently on the glass and closed my eyes. The candle burning was the only source of light in the room.
I had to go into meditation- and hopefully the dead would be summoned and invited to communicate.

It wasn't long before I felt the glass beneath my ice cold fingers abruptly moved back and forth. My eyes sprung open in surprise- it was real!!

People actually summoned the dead! I always had that little doubt in my heart that it wasn't true, that it was just a silly myth to scare kids.

But it wasn't.
It was true.

The glass was shaking, almost spinning rapidly.
I swallowed hard.
It calmed down.
"Who are you?" I choked out.
The glass paused, then slowly moved to the letter A.
It slid across to the letter N , and soon enough it had spelled out "Anabell."

I was in denial... I was communicating with the dead. It was insane!
"Anabell, how did you die?" I asked.
I was shaking. It was hot, 26 degrees this very night, but I was cold.
I was afraid. I was shocked and confused.
The glass was sliding across the table again.
It spelled out "Mommy hurt me she hurt me real bad"

"How did mommy hurt you?" I asked.
I started feeling sad. I dead girl, obviously a young girl, killed by her own mother. Someone who is supposedly supposed to love her little girl more than anything in the world can end her life? I had to know more.

"She beat me" it spelled out.
I sighed. Little Anabell didn't want to give details, but I was willing to push her for them.
This was a big mistake. I mixed my emotions with something very dangerous. I forgot that little Anabell was dead and didn't tolerate people annoying her.
"What did she do?" I asked.
The glass started shaking.
"She beat me" it spelled out again.
"What did she do in specific Anabell?"
"I don't want to say."

I was angering the dead and that was not a smart move of me.
"Anabell tell me!" I said in a stern voice.
What had come over me? I had never been so demanding before.
The glass started shaking.
Before I knew it Little Anabell had the glass spinning out of control.
I remembered one of the vital rules of glassy-glassy.
Keep your finger on the glass.
If you lifted your finger, the spirit would be stuck in the circle, stuck in this world and unable to get out until it killed everyone in the circle.
Well, that was just me.

The candle started flickering.
Oh no this could not be the end I thought to myself.
"Anabell, I'm sorry I really am I wont ask again!" I shouted over the curtains which were blowing all over the show.

The glass stopped moving.
I felt a wave of relief, I thought my finger would detach from the glass soon enough!!

The glass started spelling out something.
I should never have done this, I started thinking. Ghosts are bipolar!
"Anabell sorry." it spelt.
I sighed.
"How old are you?" I asked, shaking even more after the sudden mood swing.
"3 years old" she spelt out.
I paused.
3? A 3 year old can spell? That was unheard of! Little Anabell, 3 , uses such complex words? Not like they were insanely complex, but how could she spell?
That's the thing.. if Little Anabell was really 3, she wouldn't be able to spell.
This is the creepy part. Little Anabell wasn't 3.
I closed my eyes and felt panic take over me.
I decided I needed to end this conversation with this psychotic ghost.
"Anabell, thank you and goodbye." I said.
I knew until she moved the glass to "Goodbye" I couldn't raise my finger.
She didn't.
I felt like she would keep me there forever.
"Anabell doesn't want to go" the glass spelt.
"But Anabell has to go" I said. Cold sweat formed on my forehead.
What had I gotten myself into?
The glass started shaking.
Oh no..not another fight to keep my finger on the glass!
And there it went, insane. The glass spinning, moving quickly back and forth, I couldn't keep up.
"Anabell stop!" I screamed.
She didn't. I was stuffed this time.

I couldn't anymore and against my will my finger lifted. With that, the glass cracked and I heard a lite scream.
I let out a cry.

What had I done!?
My experiment had gone horrible wrong!
I ran out of the room and as I did so the candle blew out.
Anabell was inside me, she was inside me! She was trapped until she killed me.
I started scratching at my skin "Get out!!!" I screamed. I was having a full-on panic attack.

My mouth opened on it's own. "Anabell like."
My voice said. I closed my eyes in shame and let some tears out.
I had a dead person inside of me- officially.

I showed up to school the next day as normal. Anabell hadn't acted up since the whole "Anabell like" thing.

I was starting to feel relieved. Maybe I was dreaming my whole glassy-glassy experience.
I was sitting in class when Mrs P called me up to do my oral.
I didn't want to and she knew that, the entire school knew I had a phobia for orals. Usually I would go up quietly and explain the situation all over again but that day, I didn't hesitate to scream out "You know my issue! Why are you choosing me again!? I explain every damn time! Get that into your thick heads!"
I felt so angry, my face was hot, and I was ready to kill.
I loved it. I felt powerful. Nothing could defeat me.

"JODI!!!!" the teacher screamed,"To Mrs Els NOW!"
"Oh no I wont! It's pathetic! You know my issue!! Go kill yourself!!" I shouted back.
I was about to explode by now. I got up and walked up to Mrs P. I was going to smash her face in, and I loved the power I felt.

I lifted my arm and threw the hardest punch I had ever thrown in my life. It didn't hit her as Marc had leaped up and grabbed my arm.
I started fighting against him when David and Nathan joined in to stabilize me.

"GET OFF OF ME !!!!!!!!" I screamed and kicked in protest.
I was furious. Suddenly Nathan leaped back and yelped.
I grabbed hold on David with my free arm and just my touch seemed to repel him.
I looked at his arm- 3rd degree burns.
Marc saw and jumped back before I got my hands on him.

I screamed my loudest and all I heard was a deep roar.
The class started spinning, and I felt my body swaying. The class faded into darkness.

This is just the beginning of my story.
The story on how I got possessed.
I messed with the wrong stuff and it screwed me up big time.
But this, is just the beginning.

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