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Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:12 pm

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“Bye!” I screamed at my best friends ever. Today was the last day of school and I was psyched. I let the crowd of students wash me towards my locker. “Sorry, ‘cuse me, ex-cu-se me!” I managed to reach the stairway and head up to my 3rd story locker to grab my books.

My flip-flops clattered as I raced down, then up another set of stairs to my bestie’s locker. “Hey!” I cried when I saw her. “This is so exciting!”

“Last day in eighth grade,” she said back. “Next year we’ll be in high school!” we both squealed at that. “Totally!” I smiled as we headed off to class.

After lunch we headed outside for some field day thingy. A warm breeze blew pass ruffling my tank top. It was my favorite, a deep purple colour, the top flowed loosely around my body and poofed over the ecstatic that pulled it snug against my hips. Paired with my dark blue skinny jeans and stripped flip-flops I thought I looked pretty good.

After some dumb activities that teachers thought were fun, I hugged my BFFs and started home. I lived four blocks from school so I always walked home. I skipped on the sidewalk thinking of the beach, when a sudden rumble of thunder startled me.

“Where did that come from?” I muttered staring at the outcast sky. It wasn’t cloudy before? “Aaah!” I screamed as rain poured down on me. I had been planning to go to the elementary school which was only two blocks from the jr./sr. high to wait for my brother’s bus from the middle school, but it wouldn’t come for another 45 minutes.

Oh well, I thought. Maybe they’ll let me wait in the building. I’m already soaked. And I took off jogging down the sidewalk.

But before I got there I saw flashes of lighting in the distance. I picked up the pace figuring it wasn’t safe to be out in a thunderstorm with lighting. Just then the light in front of me turned red, I twirled with my arms above my head as i waited for the light to change. Really I love thunderstorms.

“Hey!” I lowered my arms and looked around for the person who shouted. “Noel!” and then I saw Brandon waving and I waved back, smiling. We’d become sorta friends when we had to be partners in history class; he was the bad boy type, you know ‘em, the tall, dark and handsome rebel and I secretly had a crush on him.

He dashed across the street causing several cars to honk at him. “Hey!” I smacked his arm gently when he reached me. “You could’ve caused an accident!”

“But I didn’t,” he half smirked. “Going to the school?”

“Yeah, to wait for my brother,” I replied, the light changed and we started across the street. “You?”

“Nah, I was going to McDonald’s.” he flicked wet hair out of his face.

“Cool.” We walked in comfortable silence for a while. Just as I opened my mouth to ask him about his plans for the summer, the hairs on my arms stood up.

“Wha-“ Brandon started, then there was a flash of light right in front of us. I felt like I’d been electrocuted and stumbled back a couple steps, bumping into him. A roaring filled my ears as the ground beneath my feet crumbled away. I think I screamed as Brandon and I fell down, down, down into a deep, dark crevice.

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