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Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:12 pm

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My name is Danny and I live in Ohio. Forgive me if my spelling is incorrect for I am publishing from my phone. I decided to publish my story because of a horrible event that recently happened to me. I came here for answers in the hope that someone could help me and explain what this spirit wants from me. I am 16 years of age and I have an older brother and a younger brother. I live in quite a big house and it is a relatively old house. I am quite a sports fanatic and am for fit for my age.

My first encounter was when I was about 14 years old; I had a separate room and slept right next to my parents\' room. My brother slept downstairs on the coaches for his room was being remodelled and he couldn't sleep in my baby brothers room because he cried multiple times during the night.

It was spring time and we were on spring break so I stayed up until midnight watching TV with my brother. I remember it was raining and my parents were asleep and we were watching "Hulk" on our flat screen. After the film ended my brother fell asleep in the basement and I went upstairs to my room. I rolled into bed and was trying to fall asleep but couldn't find a comfortable position. I cracked the window open a little so I could hear the rain hitting against my window. I quickly went downstairs and took a sleeping pill to doze off quickly. As I walked back up and lay in my bed I stared at the ceiling waiting for the pill to kick in. Suddenly I realized someone closed my window as I went downstairs. For some reason my entire body felt cold and I could feel my blood pressure rising and an increase in my heart rate. I always had a superstition that a ghost was in my closet and it is ALWAYS closed before I went to bed. I felt stiff and I felt very scared, I began praying in my head asking god to protect me. And as I started praying my north face jacket fell in my closet causing a pounding sound in my closet. At this point I was very scared and I felt like I couldn't do anything so I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen. The only thing that happened was my baby brother started crying so I felt a bit better knowing my mom had to wake up to go calm him down. Sadly this wasn't the end to my terrible night.

It was about 1:30 at night and I was almost to the point of falling asleep when suddenly I heard a laugh/scream of a child\'s voice right next to my bed. My eyes shot open and I saw what looked like a girl with long black hair and pale white skin pointing at me. I starting praying asking god for forgiveness and the spirit dismissed itself. I kept blaming the vision on the sleeping pill and its side effects. At this point I was exhausted and fell asleep. I don't remember what happened after for I was very tired but I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was being choked to death and the only word I could say was Jesus! I suddenly had a burst of energy and looked up to see the spirit at the edge of my bed. I felt like I was being protected and to this day I screamed at the top of my lungs "Get the f%* (out of my room!" I was blinking rapidly to try to dispose of this image of the spirit but it just kept looking at me laughing and taunting me. My dad stormed in and the spirit disappeared. I explained to him what happened and he told me to take a look at my eyes. I was shocked to see my eyes were completely red and looked as if they were blood shot. This is what convinced me that what I saw was effects from the sleeping pill.

The next day I sadly got sick and spent the entire day moving my stuff to my baby brothers room and taking his room. I haven't encountered anything serious after that night and had no trouble sleeping. My dad still believes that it was from the sleeping pill considering it hasn't occurred after I moved rooms but I still believe there is a very unpleasant presents that's in that room. My baby brother hasn't had anything happen to him besides more frequent crying during the night. I don't care if you guys don't believe this story. I wouldn't waste my time publishing this if it wasn't true. I want to know your opinions what you think it wants.

Why is it still in that room.

Is it a demon?

Please help

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