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Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:29 pm

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From time immemorial, Ants have had many enemies.

There were some who thought it would be wise to hold council together to see if they could come to some arrangement whereby they could live without being attacked by other animals.

At the council meeting, there were Red Ants, Rice Ants, Black Ants, Wagtail Ants, Gray Ants, Shining Ants and many other varieties.

The discussion continued for a long time, but they could not agree.

Some desired that they should all live in a small hole in the ground. Others wanted to build on the ground, where nobody could enter but Ants.

Still some wanted to dwell in Trees so as to get rid of Anteaters, forgetting entirely that there they would be the prey of Birds.

Each party resolved to go to work in its own way, with its own responsibilities.

Each group had an appointed task, and each member of the group worked regularly and well.

But unity of all the Ants could not be seen anywhere in the world.

The ants chose a King from among them. They divided the labor so that all went as smoothly as it possibly could.

But each group did it in its own way and not one of them thought of protecting themselves against the onslaught of birds or Anteaters.

The Red Ants built their house on the ground and lived under it, but Anteaters flattened their home in a minute after days of precious labor.

The Rice Ants lived under the ground and with them it went no better. For whenever they came out, Anteaters were waiting.

The Wagtail Ants fled to the Trees, but on many occasions Centipedes sat waiting for them, or the birds gobbled them up.

The gray Ants had intended to save themselves from extermination by taking to flight, but lizards, hunting Spiders and birds flew a great deal faster than they did.

When the Ant King heard that the different groups of animals could come to no agreement, he sent them the secret of Unity and the message of working together.

Until this day, they have not understood the message of unity and working together between each group and each species.

"O Naml! Enter your houses, (that) Suleiman and his hosts may not crush you while they do not know" (27:18)

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