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Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:36 pm

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Every human being has the desire to be successful but very few achieve what they want to achieve. Why is that so many of them struggle to do what they want to? A student wants to study but struggles to study. A corporate executive wants to achieve excellence in his profession but ends up as an average performer. An architect wants to be a great designer but fails, despite having practiced for years. The main reason for all these failures is mind-body discord.

For most people, the mind and the body are never in balance. A friend once told me that he had taken bath twice that day. When I asked him why, he told me that when he had finished taking bath the first time, he wasn't sure whether he had applied soap or not. So, he went back to the bathroom to take bath once again. What had happened? When my friend took bath for the first time, his body was taking bath but his mind was somewhere else. That's why he couldn't remember whether he has applied soap or not. I used to go through similar experience as well. I remember till a couple of years ago, after having locked my house and come out of the apartment, I would go back to check whether I had actually locked the door or not. Needless to say, when my hands were locking the door my mind was somewhere else. That's why my mind never registered whether I had locked my house or not. Today when I lock the door, my body is involved in locking the door and so is my mind. I don't have to go back to check if I have locked the door or not. When both your body and mind are involved in the same activity, you attain mind-body unison.

When a student sits in the morning to study, his mother may look at her son studying and thinking, "Wow! My son is studying so sincerely." Now, this student may have his eyes on the book but his mind is on the cricket that he is going to play after two hours. So, this student sits with the book for two hours and keeps thinking about cricket. At the end of two hours, nothing has entered his brains. Finally, the student goes out to play. Now when the student is playing cricket, he keeps feeling guilty for not having studied properly. He keeps worrying about what he will write in the next day's examination. Finally, he leaves the play ground frustrated at not having played well. If we look at both the activities of this student - that is studying and playing cricket, he failed to live up to his own expectations in both because of mind-body discord. Whenever the body and mind are going in different directions, you will only experience mediocrity and failure.

When you study, study - don't think about cricket. When you play cricket, play cricket - don't think about exams. When you want to draft a letter, draft the letter - don't think about your wife. When you want to listen to a customer of yours, listen - don't think about the party you have planned for the night. When you are having food, have food - don't think about your bank balance.

Whenever you want to do an important task, you must first cut off all your other thoughts. Bring your mind and body into unison for the task at hand. Give your 100% to that task. If you can do that for every important task that you perform, you will definitely achieve excellence. Your will succeed beyond your own expectations, and your family and friends will look up to you with a twinkle of happiness in their eyes.

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