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Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:36 am

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Summery for possible story

Two years ago Sapphire was sent to an all girls boarding school. Left there to be a bad seed for someone else to handle. In that time Sapphire's once divorced mother, Adrianne, gets remarried eloping with a cop, David Carter, and adopting his two sons Dereck nd Dontaye Carter.

Now she's just receive news that her mother has past away and that she is to return home to her stepfather nd stepbrothers, whom she's never met, for her mothers funeral.

Nd that's wen things get messy.

Love hate jealously lies sex and a bit of crazy ....


Things are different now...

Shows David pushing open the door to the house. "home sweet home, right kiddo?"

Things are tense ...

Shows Sapphire reaching for something in the cupboard but can't quiet get it. Shows Dereck walk up behind her brushing up against her to get what she needs. "let meh no if you need anything else." he winks

Things are strange...

Sapphire see David at his desk. "so um how did it happen? My mothers death I mean."

David clears his throat. "um car accident."

Sapphire looks confused, " oh ok"

Things might just be ok...

Shows Sapphire and Dontaye talking. Dontaye smiles warmly at Sapphire. "I got ur back...always"

"Messes to clean" coming to a computer near you... Maybe. Review let meh no if I shud continue :) ~xoxo-Blu~

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