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Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:03 am

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Haven't submitted a story in some time because of work being so busy, as well as life being busy. Although life is busy, strange occurrences still continue at my house. For further details of the goings on in my house, please see my previous stories.

My wife and I got married a little over a year ago, activity picked up all the way up to the wedding. It\'s strange, but it really didn't bother me, and there were things that would happen, house guests would notice, but it didn't phase me. Doors would open, close, electronics would move, and for some reason the entity or entities are infatuated with the garage door, both the mechanical door and the door leading to the house.

After the wedding, things died down. I continued to do research into my house to get to the bottom of what has been going on. From what I can gather from my neighbor across the street is that a child drowned in a pool in my back yard. The family quickly moved out afterwards and the owners I bought the house from bought the house. The pool was filled in. Through out the buying process of this house, I always wondered why there was a Bible in every room. Nevertheless, I had the house blessed, and the activity seemed to die for a bit.

Fast forward to married life. Initially, everything was going well. My wife and I were happy, and the activity seemed to die down. I thought my ghost problem was done with, but I always have a strange feeling in the house even though no activity occurred for some time.

My wife converted the basement into her office area to study. She never believed in ghosts, and actually thought me researching the house was a dumb hobby. We painted the basement and put her desk down there. Previous to having the house blessed, this was an area I would see flashes of light, as well as what I could swear was a shadow of a kid behind a closet. My wife studied down there for a little bit.

Here's where everything gets interesting and scary at the same time. We recently found out, almost 3 months ago, that we'll be expecting our first child. After we found this information out, the activity has picked up. Noises, doors opening, shadows in the corner of my eye.

My wife would study in the basement for some time; she said it was warm and inviting. It was bright during the day, and she felt at ease down there. After her pregnancy, she told me she hears noises down there, and feels as if she is being watched continuously. Her sense of smell has intensified with her pregnancy, and she states she occasionally gets whiffs of something rotten down there. I've done my best with air fresheners, washed the carpet and all. On occasion, I can smell what she is talking about, but most of the time, nothing, even when she is smelling something. She left the basement and came up to the kitchen to study because she said she was freaked out down there, and she couldn't stand the smell.

My career is based in science, so I thought this was due to her pregnancy, and in the back of my head didn't want to believe the ghost was back.

My wife continued to study in the kitchen, and again, she said she felt the house was spooky. She would hear noises, footsteps, like someone was running upstairs when she was down stairs. She told me a bit of it, and was convinced it was the kids behind the house because she heard children, which I previously heard in this house.

As I said before, I'm used to this stuff, and I've accepted that this stuff keeps happening. I haven't told my wife of all the occurrences because I don't want her to think I'm crazy. What is starting to scare me is that as her pregnancy is progressing, we tend to get into more arguments, and it\'s almost as if the activity intensifies with the arguments. A few days ago, my wife stormed out of the house calling it spooky and saying that she didn't want to be here anymore. The argument was about more than the house, but as she stormed out, she stated this. She has been staying with her mother for the past few days, and we're trying to work things out. I understand that much of this may have to do with pregnancy and her hormones, but there is some weird things going on every day here.

Here are the occurrences that have happened just today:

1) Both of my garage doors opened on their own, I went out to close them, they were closed, a few minutes later, they opened again

2) came home from work; the door from the garage to the house was wide open. I didn't lock the dead bolt, but did lock the bottom knob, and there is no way I would have left it open

3) The garage door from the garage to the house opened on its own twice

4) I'm hearing walking upstairs, especially, in the baby room

5) As I'm typing this, I'm hearing a noise here and there around the house. I think something just moved in the kitchen.

My fears are a few fold here.

1) In my conversations with the previous owner, he indicated his kids loved the basement. He indicated his kids had an 'imaginary friend'. I'm a devout Catholic, and don't want this imaginary friend any where near my child, and want to protect him or her. It scares me because; I don't believe this entity is a child at all, but something that masks himself as a child. I've made it known many times that my faith in God is not shaken, and that he will not scare me, and that he or what ever this is has no dominion over me.

Is there anything I could do to protect my child? I've started working on the baby room (painting, remodeling), and I plan on having the house re-blessed, as well as crusifixes placed around the house.

2) I'm convinced this entity takes pride in the fact that my wife and I argue. I'm trying to work things out with her, and in retrospect, our arguments are very petty, but get very blown out of proportion. I'm not sure if I should tell my wife all of the things going on. She is already scared of the house, but this house is our home, and I won't let an unseen entity or entities drive us out.

I really don't know what more to do, and am scared for my child as well as my marriage. The strange thing is that now, I don't just brush these events off; I'm actually starting to get angry with this entity. I've talked to one of my friends who is a priest at the hospital I work at. He's a Jesuit, and is intrigued by the events. I'm praying this haunting will stop with another blessing, and I pray to God this isn't an infestation. I also don't know where this is coming from? I've researched a lot of the history, and don't believe its a little kid who drowned at all, then again, it may be.

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