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Mon May 24, 2010 3:59 pm

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Marathon 2 day trip is interesting travel story from the country United State. I hope you will enjoy to read this story !!!

My flight from Portland arrived in Denver at 10:00 am Thursday morning. I rushed threw the airport to catch my 10:30 shuttle bus. I made it just in time, they closed the door and off we went. It was a short ride to my destination where I picked up a vehicle. I was on the road headed back to Portland by 11:00 am… I was only a few blocks to I-70. I had never been to Denver so I was a little nervous; the map I brought with me from a print out on the internet was the wrong one… opps! Oh well, I knew I was suppose to be on I-70. The first few miles after leaving Denver it was pretty foggy but soon cleared up. By the time I had reached Dilon I figured I should stop and get an atlas. Why, I only had 1300 miles to go. I got my map and had a quick sandwich, went to leave and I had left the lights on. The people in this small town remind me of the people that live on the Oregon coast. They were all very friendly and helpful. A couple of construction workers threw me their keys and said help yourself, there is some jumper cables in the back of the truck. After saying thanks I was soon back on the road. The snow packed mountains were awesome. Each time I rounded a corner the view seemed more spectacular than the previous. By this time I was driving along listening to the radio and daydreaming about nothing when I entered the small town of Vail. Wow! There were hundreds of people skiing down the slopes. By the time I picked my jaw up off my lap I had already gone threw town. I had to go back! I turned around and pulled off into a parking area and just sat there and watched for several minutes. I took a few pictures and was on way again. I no more got a good start and I come to the junction to Aspen. I see steam poring out of the side of the mountain. Again I have to turn around and go see the sights. rHot Springs Lodge and Pool at Glenwood Springs Go to a web sight and check out this breathtaking area. I had always heard that Colorado was a beautiful state but seeing is believing. Seeing scores of people swimming in the middle of the winter was mesmerizing. Knowing I had over a thousand miles to go I got back on the road and headed out I needed to keep moving, after all my goal this day was to make it to Salt Lake City. By this time my adrenalin was in overload and I was enjoying every minute of this drive. About another hour or longer went by until I come across the Colorado River flowing alongside I-70. Of course I stopped and took more pictures. By this time I just left the 35mm camera sitting in the seat beside me so it was easy to get to. After about five hours of driving I was leaving Colorado and entering Utah. This is when I was glad I stopped and got the atlas. I would have followed I-70 west all the way to Cove Fort. Instead at Green River I took highway 6 and cut out about two extra hours. It was dark and I wasn’t able to see the sights as well but I continued to enjoy the drive threw this pass. I finally reached I-15 north near Provo. I eventually reached Salt Lake City about 9 pm after driving 510 miles. Day Two I was back on the road at 8:00 am. Friday morning. I pulled on to I-15 north and seen a sign saying “Boise 280 miles”. Once I got out of the city the traffic reduced so I put the cruise control on 80mpr. I had a long day in front of me so I wasn’t going to worry about the poor gas mileage I was getting from going fast. This was a great time of the year for making this trip. The miles and miles of Foot Mountains were covered with snow. I thought to myself if I were to make it home today I had to travel over 800 miles. The talk shows on the radio were mostly chatting about the Maria Schriver case. It was her seventh day without food or water. I heard just about every angle and idea that people were thinking about. I can defiantly see both sides. Just before I reached the Idaho border I turned off of I-15 and merged onto I-84 west. Somewhere close to Jerome Idaho I pulled into a truck stop to get gas and grab some goodies to munch on. Gas was only $1.99 a gallon. At this point I was a little further than half way to Boise. The ride was becoming a little boring so I switched stations and listened to Dr. Laura give her free advise to all the people with their many problems. That helped me feel better knowing I have a loving wife and family waiting for me at home. About 1:15 pm I reached Boise I thought it will be nice to hit my home state shortly. I had seen a lot of beautiful sights along the way but there is something about reaching that wonderful home state of Oregon that gave me a rush. I stopped at a rest area near Ontario to stretch out. While I was there I asked a truck driver if I should take highway 26 to Bend and then on to Portland or stay on I-84. He recommended that I continue on I-84. As I pulled back on the freeway I noticed a sign saying “Portland 374 miles” I had already traveled 440 miles today… Could I make it? It was about 3:00 pm but I was still feeling strong and ready for the challenge. I had never been in this part of Oregon so the new views were welcome. A lot of pine trees, tumble weed and mountains in the distance kept my attention. I was traveling town to town one at a time as I went through Durkee, Baker City, and La Grand. As I drew near Pendleton I started to drop down from the high desert to the valley. It was a real eye opener, you could see for miles. I stopped at a view point and took a few pictures then drove into downtown Pendleton and found a place to eat just across the street from the Pendleton Roundup Rodeo Arena. I think it was around 6:00 pm by the time I started the last leg of my journey. Although I had traveled this road several times I always enjoy the awesome drive down the Columbia River, Oregon on the south and Washington on the North. As you travel down the road you can look across and sometimes see a train moving along at about the same speed. I was running low on fuel so I stopped in Briggs and filled the tank. The price was getting higher; I paid $2.17 a gallon. Once I reached The Dalles I was getting my second wind knowing I had less than two hours to go. As I looked across the river I could see where the wind surfers play in the surf. I soon reached Hood River as darkness had set in. It didn’t matter I was going to make it tonight. I picked up my cell phone and called my wife and jokingly told her I had just pulled into Ontario and would see her tomorrow. A short time later after two days and 1320 miles of driving I opened the backdoor and yelled SURPRISE I’M HOME!

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