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Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:12 pm

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Andrew's eyes looked at the clock on the wall. The six and a half. A lump in the throat, closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. Manni told him to do this when their anxiety was acting, Andrew worried easily.

Manni. Where was I? It was February 12, twentieth birthday of Andrew. Manni told him that was on its way around four. He should have been here by now.

Andrew called Manni's cell phone for the sixth time, the prayer that there were at least in the ring, but went directly to voicemail as the previous times. He breathed a little more, hoping they have filled the prescription of antidepressants.

I could not wait more than, Manni should be here now, and Andrew was worried. He grabbed the keys, a key measure Manni had made for him for Christmas, they had their names printed in small hearts. It was a little feminine, but it was the thought that counts.

Andrew got into his car and began traveling on the roads Manni always brought up here, she always had the same way. He made his way to the road, leaving a sigh of relief that little car was not on the side of the road.

Andrew returned to the road, one mile of an ambulance came on his tail, lifted the edge of the road. He did not give much importance to the ambulance that was heading along the road. A couple miles down and saw that the ambulance was headed.

Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and many spectators were around a large yellow ribbon-off area. A semi, obviously, heading the wrong direction on the road, had a small dent in the front of it, while a car had been crushed in a can that could not even say the brand or color.

The road was closed, and the curiosity of Andrew the best of him. He made his way to the other people around the area. He found a man of about forty years of observing carefully, his eyes resolutely looking around the scene.

"You know what happened?" Asked Andrew the man, who looked like someone who had his head on his shoulders.

The man looked away from the scene while responding: "The driver of the truck was on the road turn the wrong way. Drunk. We have the back of the patrol, could not even stay awake, which makes cold. Damn man killed a girl supposed to adolescence. She is so bad that they have not been able to identify the body. "

The man's voice was angry, his anguish for the poor girl settling on Andrew. Andrew asked if I knew the girl, he doubted it. For many people were articulated on this road.

Andrew could not see the scene, the other face averted vision, but soon the man who had spoken to move. Andrew went to his place, be able to see the whole area. Crush the car looked, wondering what had seemed before. I could not think too much, however, not all people talking among themselves about the horrible screen.

Andrew's eyes were set on the road, finally see the piece of evidence whispering about.

In the center of the scene put a yellow box.

It was perfect, no damage.

A blue ribbon sitting on top.

Custom paper wrapped.

Andrew read it everywhere.

Happy letters surrounded by hearts.

Andrew fell to his knees, his mind was blank, eyes open but seeing nothing.

Moments later, reality returned, the people had gathered. A police officer was en route to Andrew.

"Are you okay, sir?" Asked the officer, holding Andrew as he took a back door by ambulance to sit.

"No," Andrew met his eyes wide open, the shock still in his mind.

The policeman looked at him hard, obviously he had dealt with this situation.

"You know the girl?" The policeman asked him, in others the authority to come and listen.

"Andrew," said Andrew sputtered, unable to make a real prayer. I was hoping they had to reconstruct what was trying to say.

A small woman leaned to the police, she wrinkled nurse scrubs, "That's the name on the box ...."

The policeman looked at Andrew, sympathy on your face, "Could you come to confirm the body?"

Andrew looked at this man, wanting to just lean back, close your eyes and wake up from this nightmare. It could not be true. By no means. No way. This could not happen to your Manni.

Andrew was in denial, not your mind catch up with their actions, because the police took him to the back of an ambulance. Andrew's eyes finally caught the image, a frail figure in a white sheet.

A doctor stripped of the layer, while the small body. Andrew looked at the woman underneath. Unrecognizable face, body broken, torn clothing, embedded in the blood. Her long black hair was matted, their limbs broken.

No, this could not be Manni ... .. Then he saw it. In his left ring finger of the hand was a promise ring pink. The ring he had given. Proving this was .... Manni

Andrew broke, fell to the floor of the ambulance, taking the cold hand of Manni. He closed his eyes, whispering words of love, shutting out the real world.

He felt hands pulling him away, he allows it. His body could not resist anything, but I could not open his eyes. She felt the vibration of people whispering, obviously, have discovered that I knew the poor girl. I could almost feel the sympathy that goes with it, but he kept locked in the world. This was not real.

"What is your name?" Asked a policeman, someone pushing the cop in the middle of a sentence, showing that this was no time to ask.

"We need to know," said the police to the person who had interrupted.

"Obviously as to answer the questions," a female voice cut back.

Andrew felt the arms of times on it, light and thin, obviously a woman. The words filled his ears, ignored them. He did not want his words of strength.

"What is your name?" The soft voice whispered in his ear.

I knew I had to answer, they had to know, but he dared not speak. If he said then was true. He was then Manni. I could not say.

"Manni MrCarty", his vocal cords betrayed his emotions. I knew I had done the right thing, but hearing the words in the air, breaking him even more.

He felt that people in motion, hear the calls he made, he felt that ambulances leaving probably meet with Manni's family elsewhere. He could not move, I could think was not even sure he was breathing. Gradually, he met the woman who supported hugged him, felt a twinge in the arm, and fell into a deep sleep.

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