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Tue May 17, 2011 4:42 pm

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My heart longed for you the first time,
I saw you in college...
I knew you would touch a special place in my heart,
I looked at you and loved and longed,
But you never looked back,
Nor loved back, nor longed back,
I wanted more than anything for you,
To fall in love with me,
You knew this but felt nothing for me,
You flattered me and raised my hopes at times,
But then you let them all crash.
As I beheld her in your arms smiling at you tauntingly,
As I saw you smiling at her like she was your goddess,
I knew you had found love with someone else,
I loved you so much I only felt happiness for you,
I decided to forget you and move on with my life,
A person who does not love us,
Does not deserve our love,
And yet, the heart most often desires,
That which is unattainable,
I wanted you regardless of all the pain you caused me,
I decided to stop thinking of you,
And to stop feeling for you,
I convinced myself that,
You were not worthy of another thought,
I found a handsome man who fell in love with me,
And married him,
He loved me more than anything in the world,
But you couldn't,
One summer night as I was taking a walk,
By myself in the warm air,
I saw a man standing on a bridge,
Looking very melancholy,
I decided to approach the stranger,
To see why he looked so down,
As the face came into view,
I saw that the stranger was... you!
You cried to me that night that you had nothing left,
That beautiful girl you had,
Given everything to had cheated you,
She had used you for your wealth,
And left when you lost your money,
I felt sympathy and pain for you,
When I shouldn't have even cared,
Overcome with emotion I hugged you,
And consoled you that night,
We talked about life and love,
And the choices we had made,
I wished you well but told you,
I didn't love you anymore,
My conscience told me to tell a lie,
For the very first time in my life...
As I slowly started walking away,
From tearfully in the moonlight,
A dream I thought was no longer possible,
Came true at the most
Inappropriate time,
You looked deep into my eyes,
And pulled me close and kissed me,
I pulled away after a couple of seconds,
But wished I didn't have to,
I told you we could never see each other again,
I pointed to the shiny ring my husband had given me,
You understood and nodded,
With great pain in your eyes,
We finally said goodbye,
But how I my heart longed to be with you,
That was the last time I ever saw you,
And though I loved my husband,
And acted as a good wife to him,
I always wondered what could've been,
Had time worked in our favor,
Fate is sometimes such that we get what we want,
When it's too late,
I wished the story could have a happy ending,
I wished you had fallen in love with me,
Before I got married,
But as I stared into the eyes of my baby daughter,
And sat with my husband,
I knew my place was with my family,
And the man I had married.
Pyaar to bahut ajib hai.

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