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Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:44 am

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Kumbhakarna was Ravan's brother and had a truly formidable reputation as a warrior. The gods had cursed him so that he slept a lot in six months at a time. It was almost impossible to wake him from his deep sleep. Ravan but realized that he needed to introduce Kumbhakarna on the battlefield to the morale of the demon army to reinforce. Ravan had great faith in the ability of his brother as a warrior and was convinced he would be able to kill Aries and rout the enemy. He ordered all his officers and servants to work on the difficult task of waking Kumbhakarna. They made a huge noise, blowing trumpets and shells, beat drums and shake vigorously Kumbhakarna body. But still the giant slept on undisturbed. Finally, when the servants had nearly exhausted their efforts, Kumbhakarna awake, yawning widely and shook the servants like so many flies. He first sat down to the mountains of food were ready for him because it was well known that Kumbhakarna awoke from a deep sleep, he would have to eat ravenously hungry. His hunger satisfied, Kumbhakarna willing to go into battle.

Kumbhakarna arrived on the scene like a whirlwind. He made short work of the monkeys, right through the defense like a knife through butter. Mnagled bodies of monkeys scattered across the battlefield. But Kumbhakarna The aim was to kill Ram. He counted on Ram brandishing an iron club in one hand and an uprooted tree in the other. Aries wind threw a missile at the demon that took both his arms. But the demon did not seem to notice and passed. Next Ram amputated the legs of the demon, but Kumbhakarna hurtled on undaunted. Finally, Ram managed to behead the demon. A shocked silence hung over the battlefield as Kumbhakarna's severed head fell to the ground.
Indrajit, Ravan's son, he decided that the challenge of defeating Ram's army. As Ram and Laxman could not seem to be overcome by ordinary means, Indrajit decided to use his magical powers for himself invisible. He hovered over the battlefield in his car and rained poisoned arrows and Ram Laxman. The two princes were stunned. How could they fight an enemy they could not see? Finally, Laxman and Hanuman Indrajit managed to tempt on the battlefield, where Laxman challenged him to single combat. Indrajit was convinced that Laxman would be no match for him. It appeared that he was wrong and his hubris cost him his life. The battle raged between Laxman and Indrajit long time because they were both well matched. But when Laxman felt his strength mark, he prayed to the gods to him one last surge of energy to his enemy. The gods answered his prayers and he cut the head Indrajit. Without a leader, the demon army fell into chaos and they withdrew Helter Skelter. Ravan was struck by the news of the death of his son, but he did not have the luxury of time to grieve.

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