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Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:30 am

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Once upon a time, there was an island called the 'Landof the Sun'. People of all shapes, sizes and appearances lived there. Everybody kneweverybody and they were like one big happy family.

But slowly, as time passed, the children grew biggerand had more children who grew bigger and had morechildren.

Things reached a stage where there were somany people in the island that not everybody kneweverybody else.

People started doing their own things,talking in their own languages and writing their ownscripts.

So the elders of the island came together anddecided to open a school where the children could betaught about the history, geography, rules, ritualsand languages of the people of the 'Land of the Sun'.

However, when it came to deciding on the teacher, thegroup of elders was equally divided between two of thecandidates - Ms. Know-it-all and Ms. Find-it-out. Since they couldn't decide on which candidate to gowith, and being an amicable group of people, theelders decided to have two schools, each being run bythe two candidates.

Know-it-alls and Find-it-outs, Stories for kids: 110_1.gif The islanders then sent their children to the schoolsof their choices.

Misses Know-it-all and Find-it-out ran their schoolsvery differently from each other. As a matter of fact,they were poles apart in their methods of teaching.

Miss Know-it-all was a total disciplinarian whobelieved that children should be only seen and notheard. Unless, they were asked a question and theywere replying to it. Her belief was simple. She wasthere to ask questions and the children were there toanswer it, after she had taught them the lesson.

And god forbid, if they were to disagree with any of herteachings. You see, the children were not allowed tothink.

On the other hand, Ms. Find-it-out believed that shedid not have all the answers. So everybody was allowedto ask questions and everybody tried to find theanswers, individually or together.

Slowly, the islanders became aware of this distinctionand started taking sides. They broke up the islandinto two different zones and built up a wall so thatone set of people did not interact with the others.

Time passed and the children grew bigger. They in turnhad children who went to the same schools. People onone side of the island came to be called 'Know-it-all'and people on the other side of it 'Find-it-outs'.

But as the population grew, the space available forthe people to live in got smaller and smaller. Tillone day the people in the 'Know-it-all' land had nostanding space. As they pushed and shoved each other,the wall dividing them from the people of the'Find-it-out' just gave way. The wall broke down andthe two divided people looked at each other for thefirst time in the century.

And what did they see?

The people of the 'Find-it-out' land saw a whole lotof identical looking people staring at them withsimilar expressions on their faces. These were the'Know-it-alls'.

They had the smug expressions on theirfaces which suggested that if there were something toknow, they knew of it and whatever they didn't know,was not worth knowing anyway. They were all similarlydressed, moved identically and gasped together, asthough on cue.

Also, they were cramped together like apack of sardines in their part of the island. Exceptfor their ages reflected in their physical condition,they could all have been copies of each other!

On the other hand, the people of the land of'Know-it-all' discovered that the 'Find-it-outs' werevery different. Not just from them but also from eachother.

They wore different coloured costumes, had differentexpressions on their faces, moved differently, talkeddifferently and behaved in a manner that was not atall alike.

What they also saw was the difference in the physicallands. Whilst the land of 'Know-it-all' was full ofnothing but human beings, the land of 'Find-it-out'had its entire space planned out. There were areas forplaying, schooling, working and housing. They were notcramped. And they did not seem to be too many people!

The people from the land of 'Know-it-all' wondered howthings had turned out so differently in their twolands. Their elders came forward and enquired of theelders of the land of the 'Find-it-out' as to how theyhad managed to be so diverse and still be apparentlyhappy and prosperous.

The friendly elders of the land of 'Find-it-out'called on their aging teacher and requested her toshare the secret of their prosperity. The teachersmiled and said, 'Oh! We have a simple way of livingand teaching .' And this is how she described it.

Know-it-alls and Find-it-outs, Stories for kids: 110_2.gif 'If you don't knowask a questionseek an answerand you'll find one.

WHO will tell you of the peopleWHY will give you a reasonHOW will tell of the mannerAnd WHEN of the duration.

WHAT describes, well, what happened!WHERE describes destination.So we learn and so we progressAnd the whole life's an education.'

She said that her pupils had gone all over the worldwith their questions and come back with answers thathelped them in better living.

The 'Know-it-alls' realised that there was a lot morein the world that they did not know of. And it helpedto share knowledge and ask questions. It was not asign of ignorance but an indication of a desire toknow more!

They promised never to build a wall again between thetwo lands and decided to share their knowledge.

Today, the 'Know-it-alls' and the 'Find-it-outs' lookvery similar to each other, and are very differentfrom one another. If you don't know what that means, aska question!

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