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Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:01 pm

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I look into his eyes, all i see is his eyes. What just happened? how did i get here? Why am i looking into his eyes? Why am i not looking away?

-24 hours ago-

"Sophie, are you ready or not?!" my twin brother Jason screamed on top of his lungs and tried to get me out of the bathroom. But i swore i would not come out until my eyebrows were perfectly done. "Hold on Jason! Almost ... OUCHH..!" there i did it again.. i burned my eyebrows. I pulled my long brown hair to the side and looked into the mirror. My brown eyes had little tears in them while my face was bright red.
Jason ran upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door. And he screamed, "Sophie Maria Williams, i swear if you do not come out of this bathroom is 5 minutes, i will break the door open!" "I SAID I AM COMING. NOW GO AWAY!!" i screamed back. I could hear Jason walk off stamping his feet.

-a few hours later at the prom-

I took look around. Ah there, i see Liam, he does not look to bad. Oh no, he saw me.. he ran towards me and pulled me towards him for a big hug. I smile and look at him with big eyes. Surprised, yeah thats the word. His smile was getting bigger and bigger and he managed to get his words out, "Soph! You look ... amazing?! Where is Brian?" I pointed at the punch table at my amazing boyfriend, Brian. Brian and I had been together for pretty long now and I was proud to call him my boyfriend. His black spiked up hair, blue eyes, you could recognize him from a million miles away. Brian smiled at me and told me to come over there. I said bye to Liam and walked off to Brian.
"Babe, do you want to go somewhere outside?" he smiled at me and we both started walking towards the exit.

-Outside, in Brian's car-

I had been in this car forever, and i knew it so well. I had planned this night out.. Maybe tonight was the night.. The magical night?
I was staring down.. i did not know how and where to start.
He was starring into my eyes even though i kept looking away. "You look beautiful tonight, however you always do Sophie" He whispered in my ears while he got closer and closer.. We both were looking in each other's eyes and just when the moment was perfect, his lips met mine. I did not know how to react, i just went along with it. A few seconds later his hand went around my neck. I felt uncomfertable but i let it be, he loved me and i loved him, tonight had to be the night.
His hand kept moving slowly towards the back of my dress, he was un knoting my straps of my blue dress. I stopped him right there. I WAS NOT READY. He looked surprised. And i could tell he got mad. He pulled away his hand and his lips."Whats wrong baby?" He asked me looking away with his hands on the stearing wheel. I looked down and spoke softly, "Brian.. i am sorry, i am just not ready.." He looked away and said, "It is over.." I could not believe it, it was over?! WHAT?! tears were rushing through my eyes, my stomach felt like it was going to explode, my cheecks started burning. This wasnt happening. I looked supringly at Brian and said, "What... ?" I tried to get the whole sentence out of my mouth but it just wasnt working. It felt like my throat had broken just like my heart just did. "You are never ready.. And it is just not working out.. Just no." I opened the door of his car and walked off. I could not believe what just happened. I did not care about my make up, i did not care about my hair all pinned up, all i could think of is how to get home.

-In the Park at Midnight-

I could not go home looking like this, my mom would get scared and Jason would kill Brian. I decided to go to the park near my school. Walking down there felt like i was walking for very long but it was just 10 minutes away from Brian's car. I saw Brian's car rushing away. I let the tears out and just sat on the swing. I thought everything over. And i was glad that i was not ready. He was using me. I thought of maybe walking around for a bit. I felt dizzy so i just thought i should lay down and look at the stars and then go home when i was completely calmed down. I was just starring at the stars when i saw a face right on top of my head and what was he doing now?! he just grabed me and put a huge tap on my mouth, what was going on?! he pulled me into a van. Scream! Scream!! I thought. But i felt so dizzy that i just couldnt think or look around or say a word..

I look into his eyes, all i see is his eyes. What just happened? how did i get here? Why am i looking into his eyes? Why am i not looking away?

I dont know what is going on. I have never seen these eyes before. I don't remember anything from last night. No wait, i remember sitting on the swing. I was crying. BRIAN! we broke up.. BUT HOW DID I GET HERE? and who am i looking at?! I want to say something, i want to move but i am tied up. You know when you are dreaming and you want to scream, or atleast say 'help' but just nothing at all is coming out of your mouth?! Well thats what i was going through. Why can i not look away?! Or atleast look at the face? What is wrong with me?! Why isnt he saying something either.. Why are we just starring at each other? His face came closer and closer.. his hand was against my cheek, it was ice cold... He pulled my chin up and i saw his face, finally. Dark blue eyes, brown hair, hmm pretty tall, tanned. What? Wait a second.. I WAS KIDNAPPED?! "WHERE AM I?! LET ME GOOO?!?!" finally i got to my senses..
"shhh!! it is okay, calm down..." He said softly.
I pulled my face away from his hands. He looked at me and still smiling. I looked around the room, there on a wooden chair right in the corner of the room i saw my blue dress, wait he changed my clothes?! What?! did he.... i burst into tears, he came towards me and said,"It is not what you think, you were not comfertable so i made you undress yourself but and i was not looking, don't worry, i am not like that.." and he whiped my tears away.
I looked into the mirror right opposit my sight, my hair was down, my make-up had faded away with a bit of mascara down my cheeks due to all that crying and i still had no clue what was going on.

-an hour later when Sophie realized what was going on-

"So how did i get here?" I asked the guy who was just starring at me with his dark blue eyes. "Well, i really do not want to hurt you but i am broke. I need money, so the best way to get money really is to kidnap a pretty young girl and ask for money from the parents... Don't take me wrong or anything but you seemed beautiful, alone and lonely.." Oh.. so when i was crying and i was laying down he must have taken over me.. Brian. Brian. Brian?! If he would not have left me i would not be like this... "Whats your name beautiful?" He asked me. I answered, "Sophie.. and you are?" "Chris" and he smiled.
At once i heard a knock on the door and Chris jumped of his chair and put tap on my mouth. WHAT WAS HE DOING NOW?! "KEEP QUIT! I SWEAR IF YOU TALK.. I CAN DO ANYTHING!" I thought screaming was not the best thing i would do at the moment.
He untied me from the chair and grabbed both of my hands tight and told me to move slowly outside while he opened the door at the same time.

-Outside the room, in a hallway-

There was another person, but i could not see his face, it was covered up. He whispered into Chris' ear and Chris told me to keep moving. I kept going but he started pushing harder and harder. I thought if i screamed or atleast gave him a nudge to stop pushing he would stop. So i nudged him, he did not stop so i trued to scream but because of the tap it did not go the best way it could. He took out his gun. Oh no.

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