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Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:05 am

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The Gupta’s house was finally silent.

“Are they asleep?” Malar asked as he took off his robe, waiting for his wife to come to bed.

“Yes,” Damayanti whispered and suddenly grinned. “Alone at last with my wonderful, wonderful husband!”

He laughed as she sat down on the bed with him. “Yes, alone at last.”

But Damayanti suddenly slid off the bed. “The champagne, dear husband? I forgot to chill it!”

“It’s already on the wine bucket over there, chilling.”

“The caviar?”

“On the table by the window, and yes, the crackers are also there and the shrimp cocktail, my loving wife, so don’t worry. Now come back to bed,” he said.

Damayanti sighed as she climbed back on the bed and rested her head on her husband’s shoulder. “I do love you, you know that, dear Malar?”

“As I do love you, wife,” he said as he kissed her on the forehead.

“We really are lucky, aren’t we? We have great children, three wonderful and very healthy boys and - ”

“And a very sweet and very beautiful daughter,” he finished for her, “Yes, wife,” he agreed, “We are blessed. Now, what is the celebration about? When I found your note to prepare for a little celebration tonight, I was pleasantly surprised. We’ve never done this before, you know, have a date inside our own bedroom,” he laughed.

“Well,” she said shyly, drawing circles on his chest, “It’s been ages since we have had a night spent like this. We’ve always been busy, you at work, and me with the kids. And really, even though we always see each other and we’re always together when time permits it, I still miss you very much. And I admit, I’m missing those years when we have only each other,” she laughed softly. “I do love the kids, no doubt about it, but I love just being with you. And since going on a vacation by ourselves is out of the question, I thought why not bring the vacation into our house. Hence, this little celebration thing, and we’re celebrating the start of our new relationship with more occasions like this where we celebrate nothing. Well, we ARE celebrating our love.”

Malar nodded, “I understand”

Just then the heavens lit up with lightning the heavens clapped with thunder.

“Perfect,” Malar whispered as he began kissing her, “Rain for a more romantic night together.”

She sighed, “Yes,” and leaned over to receive his kiss. Then she bolted upright, “Oh, no!”


“The kids are afraid of thunder!”

Malar groaned as he heard the children running towards their room. Pretty soon, they heard them knocking frantically, “Let us in, Mommy! Let us in, Daddy!”

Damayanti sighed once more as she looked at her husband. They both laughed as they opened the door to receive the frightened kids.

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Second Chance

Second Chance

Jenani can still remember the day she met Appasami. The memory is so vivid in her mind, it’s as if it just happened yesterday. Has it really been 13 years since they said goodbye? Appasami was Jenani’s first love, and she never got over him.

Oh yes, she had other relationships, but Appasami was always on her mind and maybe even in her heart. She now realizes that she never stopped loving him all these years; that’s why none of her relationships lasted long. Thirteen long years and she still loves the same man.

She doesn’t even know where he is now. Is he married? Does he have children? Since they broke up, they haven’t been in touch. It was better that way anyway. Out of sight, out of mind. But lately, she’s been having dreams about him again. They were together and happy.

Imagine her surprise when they bumped into each other one afternoon. It was him who actually saw her first. She was standing on the sidewalk waiting for her turn to cross the street when she felt a light tap on her shoulder.

“Jenani? Is it really you?! I can’t believe it!” Appasami enthusiastically said as he gave her a warm bear hug.

“Appasami?! Good heavens! How are you?” Jenani uttered, hugging him back.

“I’m good. Listen, do you have time for coffee now?” Appasami inquired.

“I’m actually on my way to the art gallery. They offered me an exhibit.” Jenani replied.

As they said their goodbyes, they promised to meet up later to catch up over dinner. With a quick kiss on the cheek from him, they went their separate ways.

All afternoon, Jenani felt as if she was walking on Cloud 9. She couldn’t believe she saw him again. On her way out the gallery, she saw Appasami waiting for her outside the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“You’re having an exhibit here? That’s so great!” Appasami said with much gusto.

He said he couldn’t wait for dinner anymore. He wanted to be with her so much, and he had a lot to tell her. Over dinner, Appasami monopolized the conversation saying how much he missed her and that it’s still her he loves after all these years.

All Jenani could think of was that Fate brought them together once more and gave them a second chance at love. This time, she knows it’s forever.

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