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Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:42 am

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The day has been most distressing as everyone has taken flight for the hills. My monthly courses have come upon me you see and no one is brave enough to with stand the stress.

Wesley has been most kind in reminding me to day my medications from the safely of a mole hill outside the castle walls. One should think a mole hill would not provide protection but he has a mountain of it.

Princess Cordelia has become most unbearable as she has had several of her men come to fetch one of her gowns for a ball tonight.

I've decided to attend to give the most ghastly speech I persuade my tongue to produce.

It should provide entertainment enough for a certain cruel hearted Prince Liam. Prince Liam has yet again broken a wife before she can him an heir. The Queen Gwen has convinced her husband King William to make Prince Liam pay for the damage to Princess Charlotte's womb.

As we all know damage to Princess Charlotte's womb has become a blessing to her. For now she can be more free with her womanly charms. I can hear the village idiots undoing their breeches as I write.

But that is enough for now as Wesley has returned to bear the tide of my cycles.

Princess Morgon van der San
Monday the 4th

Prince Liam has kissed me and made my father quite angry.

Princess Cordelia reportedly ripped off her costly new gown and threw herself at a passing shepherd. I've since heard that said shepherd turned himself into the medical homes of the good doctor Gregory Shep for a case of pubic lice.

Most unsettling news and yet one to make laugh until my sides burst. The castle guards to keep me from any strenous labor, such as sewing, to help my recovery.

Ah well might I say that Prince Liam while being amoug the most handsome of princes kisses most dreadfully. When in the act I felt as though a horse had replaced Prince Liam in my arms.

Surely he must have some redeeming quality as a prince and handsome man.

Princess Charlotte has come to call upon me to report that Prince William has a very small member and that a certain shepherd is the best lover she has the carnal pleasure to know.

I think we all know where Princess Charlotte will visiting along with Princess Cordelia. Since when in the name of fashion has shepherds suddenly become the must have lover?

Princess Beauty came just this morning with her Prince Grey to tell me they have a son to come in January and a witch has told them a daughter in May of next year.

Princess Gabrielle and Princess Gabriel have decided to name their son Jesse. Prince Jesse such a name for a prince!

Common people have Jesses by the armful.

Princess Morgan van der San
Tuesday the 5th

I have met a common peson through the kitchen staff. He is of the handsome face I have ever seen. He kisses very well and his breath is sweet. He smells of strawberries. Not artifical strawberries such as court ladies wear but of fresh strawberries.

Perhaps love is the most annoying emotion I have ever felt.

Princess Cordelia is not speaking to me but is of course moving onto a new target. I pity the poor fool who lets that discolored harlot into their life. Once I trusted that harlot and I was immediately informed of my mistake in unkindly ways.

But more on that story later on.

The boy whom I have described in previous paragraphs is without a doubt the most caring man I have ever met. He assisted me in gathering flowers and I expected him to give them over for the table settings and he said "These blossoms are not for decoration of a wooden table but to adorn the fairest hair I've seen in all my 20 years." So of course at every warning of his approach I run to gather the very blooms, he picked, to weave in my hair.

Wednesday the 5th
Morgan van der San

Louis came again to the castle this morning and I escaped for a brief time with him.

Princess Beauty was displeased as I missed much of her unborn child's party in favor of Louis's arms.

A/N: will finish tomorrow.

It is my birthday and I have been imprisoned with the horse mouthed Prince Liam.

Louis is here but sent to care for the horses.

A/N: will be finished tomorrow.

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