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Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:12 am

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Barbies were my life when I was a kid. I would dress them up in frilly dresses and make them act like those blondes on chick flick movies.

I loved them to death.

At the time Brats were the in thing and I'd be made fun of because I stuck to barbies. To me Brats were just big headed dolls that were a wannabe barbie.

I used to have my barbies thrown in class thanks to mean boys and stuck up girls. I remembered crying constantly to the teacher about it, but all she did was have a "talk" with the kids. And by talk I mean tell them no then give them a cookie.

Oh yeah I was mad.

One day I told the bullies to stop it or I will do something about it.

They pointed and laughed.

I was not the type of girl to fight at all. It was bad...
Oh so bad.

The next day I hid my barbies in my backpack hoping they don't find them.

One kid named Bryston asked, "Where's the dolls?"

I clutched my bag. "I didn't bring them."

"Lair they are in you're bag!"

He grabbed my backpack and yanked on it but I held on as tight as my little fingers will hold.


We both stopped to see a dark blonde haired boy staring harshly at Bryston.

The boy grabbed my bag and yelled at the boy to stop messing with me.

That's how we first met:)

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