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Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:56 am

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"Well, is that everything honey?" Her mother asked her.
"I don't want a call later tonight saying you forgot something," her father stated.
"Oh, if you did forget anything, I'll mail it UPS sweetheart. Don't even worry." Her mother smiled.

"We'll miss you Gina. We love you. Good luck on your first year of college!" The parents hugged their daughter Gina and left the room. After putting her clothes away, flipping through channels, and putting her adorable pink bedding on her bed, Gina smiled and laid back on her bottom-bunk twin bed, looked up at the Beatles poster she had put up, and was ready to start her college adventure.

Suddenly, the door of the dorm room opened, rather widely, and presented a rather special entrance. It was a short, blonde haired, blue-eyed, big boobed, huge assed, bombshell.
"Oh my God, like hey!" The beauty stepped up to Gina in her designer jeans, top, shoes, and huge Coach purse. She was accompanied by what looked to be her parents. An older man that looked very cynically at the room, and an older woman that looked to have gone under the knife a time or two too many.
"Hi. I'm Gina," Gina held her hand out to shake the girls, but instead was met by a kiss right on the mouth.

"Hey! I'm Gweneth! We are totally going to be awesome roomies! Mom, daddy, put my stuff down and go so I can get into the college spirit!" She impatiently stomped her little prada shoes. She wasn't more than 5 feet tall.
"Ok cupcake. We love you! Have fun, and don't forget how beautiful you are!" Her parents hugged and kissed her, and left.

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