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Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:29 am

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My Name is Riley.
There are some things you should know about me. I can't stand romance, i hate passion. I think it's corny. Two people who lie to each other and say that they love each other with absolutely no proof other than each other's word?
No thanks, don't sign me up.
My parents are great examples. They said they love each other. Now they love each other so much, they'd rather be the passenger in a horrific car crash.
Valentines Day?
A fucking joke to me. So some short naked guy is flying around shooting arrows in people, causing them to fall in love?
Cuz you know that's how majority of people meet and fall in love.
"I felt the arrow pierce my spine. When i looked around, i saw him, and that's when i knew."
That's bullshit to me. I treat that day like halloween. While couples are out taking their romantic stroll, i hide in bushes with a butcher knife and chase them around the park.
Well, not really, but if i could, i would.
And the joke that is called love?
you can keep it. it causes nothing but pain. ask my parents, ask strangers, and ask my teary ass friend that's at my house currently crying her eyes out for the fiftieth time.
"I gave him everything! Why did he do this to me!" my friend wailed.
She was in the corner of my closet in the fetal position, crying as if she is giving birth.
I currently had a migrane beating the living shit out of me, so to say that i wasnt having this was the biggest understatement of the year since Obama's administration.
"Trace, calm down!" i yelled.
She wailed louder. "He was my everything!"
"Oh, my fucking goodness, please shut the hell up!" i screamed.
there was silence as she looked at me alarmed.
i took a deep breath. "Thank you! now, please get your ass out of this closet!"
"I don't deserve to see sunlight!"
"bitch, this isnt twilight, now get out of my closet!"
she slowly slid out and parked herself in the corner of my room. i closed the closet door and kneeled in front of her.
"You're very hurt, aren't you?" I asked softly.
She nodded.
"As your friend, i'm supposed to keep you at ease and tell you the truth right?"
she sniffed and nodded again. I nodded as well.
"Well, the truth is....HE LEFT YOU BITCH! GET OVER IT!"
Her eyes wide, she froze for a second, then let out an earsplitting cry.
"Why would you say that!?"
"Because it's the truth!"
"He was my world! I loved him!"
i gave her an incredulous look. "You have got to be kidding me! You've only been dating him for a week!"
"AND, you've been seeing him, and his best friend at the same time!"
her cries subsided, and she stopped completely.
"Oh yeah. I still am seeing Mike. You're right. i'll be ok."
And with that, she smiled and hugged me, and walked right out.
i froze for a second. what the hell just happened?
see? that's why i dont date. i'd rather screw first, ask questions later.

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