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Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:24 am

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There are many things I love about the summer holidays, and one of them is by having a long laid in every morning for 6 weeks. Even though my Mum still wakes me up at 8.00 in the morning to have an early breakfast which the chef prepares every morning. My luxury breakfast is; bunch grapes, a Satsuma, a couple of peaches, and a fresh just-ripened banana. It doesn’t sound like much but ever since my Mum has been featured in a Hello magazine wearing a skimpy bikini, she has decided to go on a long-term diet (and convinced me to join her) and exercise every minute of the day to keep off the fat, even though she is tiny already. You’re probably thinking, why was my Mum on a Hello magazine? Well, that is a long story.

My Mum has always looked gorgeous with her sexy curves and her as- flat-as-a-pancake stomach, and her gorgeous sunshine waves, and she knows it. When she was an early age of 7, she was determined to be a pop star, so she demanded dancing and ballet lessons from her Mum, and was sent to vocal lessons and attended her school choir. She also had private swimming lessons in her private pool by a professional every week, and also went skating lessons with her friends. By the time she went to school, Manor High, a very expensive private school, she was very slim and very fit and attracted a lot of the boys attention and went out with the school heart-throb, Justin Blake, the boy every girl in the whole school had a crush on, so they were obviously very jealous of my Mum. On-top of that, my Mum was the most popular and richest girl in the school, all her friends tried very hard to impress her and were clinging onto her 24/7, she was even voted for The Prom Queen by her friends with Justin Blake as The Prom King, they danced in the spot-light, gazing into each others eyes.

Obviously, all of this has made Mum slightly bigheaded. When she had me as a baby, as soon as I had reached my 5th birthday, she was already sending me to ballet, vocal and swimming lessons, turning me into a mini-her, my Dad had said shortly after the break-up (long story) By the time she was 13, she had already started a modelling career and had her own agent. By this time she had completely cut out any fatty foods, and wouldn’t even dream of touching a fry. This was obviously a problem with her parent s that thought she was too obsessed with her body and she often had disagreements with her Dad. “Don’t trust men, they ruin your life.” My Mum told my one night, tears rolling down her soft cheeks.
She had recently started smoking and drinking alcohol after the stress of the heartbreak. My Dad had shouted insults at my Mum telling her he doesn’t love her anymore and was going to leave her for another woman. Two weeks after Mum and Dad divorced, Mum had gained a few pounds and had stopped the exercise program. She had just lain on the sofa all day, with a bottle of wine beside her and a packet of cigarettes, flickering through channels on the TV while sad, heart-break songs played in the background on her stereo.

One night, my Mum and I were cuddling together on the sofa watching a film. Her eyes were wet with tears, they were dripping on me, but I didn’t mind. It was a lovely moment because I haven’t cuddled my Mum in a long while. “I love you Mum.” I said, stroking Mum’s back, “I love you too, darling.” She smiled lovingly at me. “I loved your Dad so much. I had loved him ever since we met at college and he was my science partner.” My Mum smiled sadly, “he was always there for me no matter what, and he was the only person who I would ever have loved, if you know what I mean. All of this dieting, exercising and singing is hard work. When he came home from work, I always hugged him and welcomed him home, and then you used to always race up to him and shout “Daddy!!” and jump into his arms. We were a perfect, happy family until that bitch…” My Mum stopped her sentence, and flooded fresh new tears, wailing. “Oh Mum please don’t cry.” I have never seen my Mum cry before. It was like snatching a baby away from its Mother, it was horrible. At that moment I truly hated Dad for what he did to Mum. “Please don’t leave me, you’re the only thing I have got left.” My Mum held onto me, like she was afraid someone would take me away, “I promise Mum.”

Actually, the heartbreak did Mum a favour. My Mum started writing songs about the break up, and had a chance to record it in a studio. After she wrote her own album expressing her feelings about love, she even wrote a book about it. “He isn’t worth it.” I read one chapter of it, and then shortly put it down afterwards; I didn’t get any of it, probably because i haven't experienced what love is like.

Two months later, Mum had clearly gotten over Dad. She joined the singles club, and had met women like her who felt the same way as her. She often meets up with some of them and they go out shopping together. One time she invited all of them over to her house and introduced them to me. They all looked like ordinary women who got divorced, or hadn’t found someone to love. They all had girl talk sessions together and talked about men, money, children, and sex. It was like Sex & the City all over again. I had always locked myself up in my room watching TV, but I could still hear the loud laughter, even with my CD player on. So instead my Mum gave me £10 to spend with my mates every Friday.
I, Naomi, Willow and Alice took the bus to the shopping centre to search for an outfit to wear for Friday night. The under 16’s party is on every Friday; all four of us meet up there after we go shopping. It’s like a break from school, a break from Mum for me. “Do you think this dress colour suits me?” Willow asked holding up a peach-pink dress with one long sleeve on one side, and a strap on the other. “It suits you perfectly; it accentuates your red hair and your blue eyes.” I complimented her, “You’re so lucky having blonde hair, it goes with everything, but with my stupid red hair I have to watch what I wear all the time.” Willow held up a strand of her hair. “I love your hair Willow, it looks so unique, you should be thankful you don’t have to wear saris all the time because it’s an “Indian tradition”" Naomi mimicked her Father’s Indian accent. “I like you saris actually Naomi, they look so beautiful.” Complimented Alice, she was from a Chinese family. She held up a black mini-dress with a white bow tie across the front and frowned, “That dress will look fab on you Alice, it’s so you!” I complimented her, “Thanks.” She replied shyly, “Well I would swap my body anytime with yours; you can wear saris all the time while I can have your tiny figure and your lovely singing voice.” Naomi sighed, “Yes but you’ve got lovely hair, you must look after it every day to make it look nice. I wish I had your hair!” Alice picked up a strand of her filmsy, black hair from her side ponytail. “No you don’t, I have to wash it once a day, comb it, then brush, add lots of olive oil, and then plait it. It takes nearly an hour just for to do my hair, I have to wake up earlier than anyone else because of my stupid hair.” “I have a really good idea.” I said out loud,

“What is it then?” Willow asked,

“We all swap characters for the week! I will swap with Willow while Naomi swaps with Alice!” I knew it was a daft idea, “I wish,” Naomi, mumbled, “I’ll just wear one of my old dresses.” She sighed, fed up. “You’re not wearing one of your old dresses! We’ll help you find a dress for you to wear.” Willow searched through the rack nearby; we all help look through the shop to find a dark dress for Naomi that would suit her skin colour. We all chose a strapless purple dress in the end that suited Naomi down-to-the-ground.
“Aah, my best friends are the best.” Naomi’s mood cheered up just in time to party. “Will your Father mind?” Alice asked,

“Hopefully not.” Naomi smiled,
We all took the bus so we could get ready at Willow’s house.

Willow’s house is by far the best out of all four. We walk up to her house that read “Honey Comb” Her house was painted a cream white colour and someone had painted lilies creeping up around the house. We crunched through the pebbles on the drive and opened the door. Willow’s house was huge. Willow’s parents were both artist, and were dedicated to art. Willow has her parent’s talent and is very talented when she paints. The dark walnut flooring smelt faintly of coffee, and the walls were painted a honey-brown. Someone had arranged the paintings to make the place look creative and had painted a golden tree in living room, the branches weaving out through the rooms. “Wow, Willow your house is amazing.” Alice gawped, peeping through the kitchen, which had a rose theme “It’s so unique- just like you!” “Aww thanks guys, but wait until you see my room!”

We walk up the silver spiral stairs while Willow leads us to her bedroom. “This is it.”

She grinned as we entered her bedroom. We all gawped as we peered around; her bedroom had a black and white theme, one wall painted a creamy white while the opposite side was painted ebony black. She had painted a black tree with long branches similar to the one in her living room. She had also painted a silver butterfly with delicate wings in the corner followed by two smaller ones.
She had canvas scattered across her room, one of them was a picture of all four of us, arms around each other, grinning at the camera. “I love your room Willow.” Naomi announced.

“Yeah me too it’s so pretty, not like my room; I’m still trying to convince my Mum to let me paint over the white walls, but my Mum says there’s no point because we’re probably moving again anyway.” Alice sighs
“Really? Why?”
“Well, you know that I’ am an immigrant? My visa is running out soon, and I’ll have to go back to China for a few months.” Alice frowned at the thought, “It’s so boring there; I’ve got no friends there to hang out with. I’ll have to stay in a small house which I’ll sharing with my 3 cousins who happen to be triplets who are 7 years younger than me, my Auntie and Uncle Yang and my Mum and Dad, and I’ll only be able to phone you guys once a week because we only have one phone to share around the whole house so the bills work out quite expensive each month which my Dad has to pay for.” Her eyes go all watery and a tear drops down her cheek.
“Oh Alice.” We all group hug. Poor Alice.



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