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Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:23 pm

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Once, the Prophet Sulayman (as) said that he would have a son from each of his wives. Since he did not leave the fulfillment of his desire upon the will of Allah (swt) by saying Insha Allah, only one of his wives bore him a child, and even then, it was stillborn. When Sulayman (as) realized his mistake, he became very sorry and asked Allah (swt) to forgive him and to grant him a kingdom which no one else would have after him. Allah (swt) accepted these prayers and granted him a mighty kingdom.

He also gave him power over the Jinn's, birds, animals, and the wind. They all had to obey his orders. Allah (swt) also taught Sulayman (as) the languages of every living creature on earth.

At the command of Sulayman (as), they built huge temples, fortresses, towers, palaces made of glass, large basins of water reserves, and immovable cooking pots.

Don't Forget the Might and Glory of Allah in any Circumstances particularly when you face so-called World Powers.

Once, Prophet Sulayman (as) and his army of Jinn's and animals were passing over the valley of the ants. Seeing the pomp and glory of the army, the chief of the ants alerted all the ants to get into their holes so that the army would not trample over them. With the help of the wind, Prophet Sulayman (as) heard what the chief of the ants had said. He smiled and ordered his army not to move forward until the ants had got into their holes.

He then addressed the chief of the ants, "How could my army harm you and your kind when we were passing well above you in the air? And don't you know that I am the prophet of Allah and would never hurt anyone unjustly?"

The ant replied, "O Prophet of Allah, I did not warn them because of any harm that they would suffer, but I was afraid they would forget the glory of Allah (swt) after seeing your army."

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