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Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:28 am

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My wife and I moved into our first purchased home about two and a half years ago. To be honest I was never really impressed with the home, but she loved it and the area is nice. So we decided to purchase it and move in. Since then it feels like home now, but there are some strange things that have happened over the period of time that we have lived there.

The first incident probably happened about six months or so after we moved in. We had just finished dinner and I was lying on the sofa watching some television. My wife was tidying up a bit and getting ready to do dishes in our large kitchen/living room area. The areas are in the same spacious room, just to give some visual. She was getting ready to start washing dishes when the sink turned on full blast right in front of her. She was probably a good five steps from the sink.

She screamed and ran over to where I was lying down. When I asked her what was wrong (even though I already knew) she said, "The sink just turned on by itself!" I walked over and shut it off and got the strangest tingling sensation all over my body. I passed off the sensation as my body's reaction to a weird thing that just happened. When I did some brief research on the tap system we have, I concluded that it is impossible for the faucet to turn on by itself, even if there is great pressure in the pipes (it's the kind that you have to lift the handle to turn on). I'm still not certain that this is "impossible" but it is the first time I have ever seen it happen in my 32 years.

Some other things that have happened include our electronic picture frame being mysteriously turned on and happily flipping through our picture slideshow. This has happened a dozen of times or so, and my wife has since unplugged it. We have never witnessed it turn on, but we will come into the same living room area and see that it is indeed on.

Just recently, on my day off, my wife came home from work. She asked why our garage door was open. I explained to her that I hadn't been in the garage at all that day, and we don't even park in there. It is used mainly for storage and random electronics projects that I attempt. I closed the door and set the lock on it so it can't be opened by remote. I haven't heard of garage doors just magically opening on their own, and I was home all day and didn't even hear it open.

I remember when we moved in there was one room in our house that had very bad carpet stains and some strange odors. We assumed it was a messy child's room, but it also kind of wreaked "junkie". Then, when we were painting our house shortly after moving in, I discovered a syringe on top of our cabinets with a needle and all. I thought that it was strange for it to be up there, but it seems like the kind of place that an addict might hide something they didn't want to be easily found.

The location of that bedroom with the bad carpet seems to be the center of some of the disturbances we have encountered.

One night, and this is the most significant occurrence in my mind, I was sitting at the kitchen table, facing towards that bedroom. My wife was out with some friends and I had the house lit up with television, lights, and our laptop computer, just soaking up technology. I even remember feeling a little bit guilty about being so engaged in so many escapist activities at once, but it didn't stop me from my indulgence.

Then, the most unexplainable thing yet happened to me. I "felt" a presence come from that end of the house and circle around me slowly as I sat at the table. I saw nothing, but oh boy could I feel it. It was almost like static electricity moving around me, and pulsating on the side where the entity stopped in front of me. I was almost frozen at the table when I said, "Okay, I acknowledge your presence, so now what?" It stayed for another minute or so, and right when I felt it start to dissipate, I heard a loud banging on the window right behind me! I jumped up and quickly opened the blinds to peek out. Of course nothing was there.

Now I know what you're thinking, it is possible that someone banged on the window, or a tree branch blew into the window. That is not as easily possible as you might think. For one thing, that window is in our back yard and it is encircled with a brick wall. It is kind of in a nook behind the storage shed out behind our house. It is kind of hard to picture and describe, but just know that it is not accessible to anyone unless they jumped over the brick wall, banged on the window several times, then jumped back over in about 2 seconds time. Not very likely at least. And there are no trees or anything that could have bumped into the window in a repeatedly banging fashion. Couple that with the sensation I felt moments before, and I'm calling it paranormal!

We had a blessing ceremony when we moved in and we regarded it with the highest respect that anyone would. We haven't had anything "scary" happen per say, but the window incident kind of scared me a little. I thought, "This thing is toying with me!" That probably disturbed me more than some of the other incidents I have experienced. It was almost like it was picking on me that night! Oh by the way that window is located just next to the kitchen sink that turned on.

I have done some research on our house, and I can't find anything unusual that happened. In fact, the house was only about 3 years old when we bought it. One family, or maybe just a married couple, lived there for about a year before we moved in, and I think it sat vacant for maybe a year and a half between the occupancies. I'm not certain that any tenant died there, but I also wondered if some poor guy was ducking in their when it was vacant and had an overdose or something? I really don't know, but I haven't come up with any evidence of that yet.

Oh I almost forgot this! The storage shed that is out next to that window is in a very odd place. It is up against the brick wall, and has to stoop down and walk against the house to get to the little "nook" where I heard that knocking. It isn't very tall and I can see the roof slightly (it's a flat roof). I noticed some white areas on the shingles, but just thought it was water staining or something. Well I finally got up on a chair to get a better look just recently, and there is white spray paint that says Luis in cursive writing with a heart for the dot on the "i". I don't get that at all. I didn't find any record of a Luis living at our residence. Maybe it was an offspring of the owners or who in the world knows!

I'm puzzled but I'm curious. I'm not afraid of my home; there are just some random isolated events that happen. They seem to be spread out well enough to, so there isn't a whole lot of activity. And I'm almost positive that it's peaceful if there is anything there.

We just got a small breed dog and he will bark randomly sometimes, mostly through the arcadia door at night, and he won't enter some areas of the house very willingly.

That's all I can think of for right now, and it feels good to write it down at least. I feel that I've documented it now! Please feel free to comment, I'd love to hear what you all have to say about this! And let me know if there are any questions you have as well, it may jog my memory or allow me to put more detail somewhere that needs it!

Thanks all!

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