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Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:41 pm

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Is He Mine?

Abirami came running towards her husband, Rajan, “Wait.”

Rajan turned, an eyebrow raised in confusion.

“You left this,” Abirami pushed the small bag she was carrying to Rajan.

“What is it?” Rajan asked.

“Open it when you get to the office,” she murmured before going back into their house.

When Rajan arrived at his office, he locked the door and stared at the little bag his wife gave him. He wanted to know what it contained but was hesitant to open the package. Sighing, he finally opened it. Inside was pregnancy kit. Perplexed, he looked at it to see that it contained two lines. “Two lines?” he thought. He then read the instructions at the back of the package and then stared in horror once more at the positive test pregnancy kit. “That can’t be.”

Meanwhile, back at home, Abirami was waiting for a call from Rajan. “Would he be pleased? I know we talked about not having a baby yet, but I do hope he’s happy.”

Then the phone suddenly rings.

Abirami grabbed it and answered breathlessly, “Hello?”

It was Rajan, “I won’t be coming home for dinner tonight,” then he abruptly cut off the communication, almost slamming the phone down.

Crushed, Abirami didn’t know what to think. “I guess he really didn’t want a baby after all,” she thought sadly. All day, she can’t help but think of what to do next. Since they had talked about not having a baby yet, she was afraid that her husband will not like the thought of having a wee one. Abirami couldn’t sleep, her thoughts on the unborn baby and her husband. When Rajan did get home, it was in the early hours of the morning. He was reeking of alcohol, obviously drunk, yet he never looked so sober. Then he sat down beside his wife on the bed and said in a very calm voice, “It’s not my baby. I’m sorry.”

“What?! No. It’s yours. You’re the only man I’ve ever been with. You’re my husband, for Pete’s sake!” she cried out angrily.

“I’m infertile,” he admitted, “I can never bear you or any woman a child.”

“The baby is yours,” she said adamantly. Then she decided, at that very same moment, to leave him. “If you can’t accept our baby, then we can’t be with you, too.”

Rajan let her leave without even trying to stop her.

Five miserable years later, Rajan chanced upon Abirami with her son at the mall. When he looked closely, the boy had a dark pigmentation near his right ear. It was in the shape of a clover. His hand automatically went to his own right ear, touching his own birthmark.

No!!! Five lost years!

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