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Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:18 pm

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So I just signed up to post this recent experience of mine, as I can't trust my own judgement on the situation and need more opinions on what had happened.

I've always had a comfortable "relationship" with the spiritual world, I understood it existed and it never frightened me, even after several encounters. This encounter is the only one that has really confused me and left me looking for answers.

Three weeks ago, my family and I moved into this new house. Although it's an unfamiliar surrounding, I was quite comfortable in the house and had no anxieties or fears that could spark an overproductive imagination. Little things had always happened in this house since early days we were here (when I was alone I would find doors I thought I had shut were open, lights I thought I had turned off were on), but I had always shaken them off as me 'just getting used to the house'. After all, no one else had seemed to notice any of these. After a few of these encounters I had begun to get a little curious, but still, not at all that bothered.

Last week I had finally acknowledged things were getting weirder. Black blurs/smoke I occasionally saw had become more of a daily occurance, happening at least ten plus times a day. This a BIG house, and you'd think these dark spots would only be in certain rooms where there may be dark paint or dark objects, but it happened in every room, even my pure white room. This was odd, but what really frightened me is when I walked past the theatre and saw a movement in the corner of my eye; upon inspection I saw that one of the door handles had been pushed down, as if someone was about to open the door. Although this froze me to the spot, I still brushed it off.

Sometime that week, after all that had happened was when I think I first experienced a possible Incubus "attack". After waking up exhausted one day, I got up, did what jobs I had to do before going back to bed. I was in a deep sleep before I was woken up by my body moving; I was fully awake, but I could not open my eyes, nor move at all. I was being pushed up and down the bed, but could not figure out why, and to be honest, it didn't bother me. It felt almost quite "comfortable", like it was a lover or something. I could feel myself moaning, but no sound came out, and I was almost at an orgasm, but after attempting to move my head all this had stopped, and I found I could open my eyes again.

I was covered in a cold sweat, and out of breath. I got out of bed and checked my door; it was still locked, the way I left it every time I went to bed. I could hear my family out in the kitchen, and was thinking "Do they have no idea what just happened to me?!" I figured if nothing was brought to their attention, nothing had happened... Hopefully. I passed it off as an erotic dream, even though I knew I'd never experienced one quite that physical.

Since then I've been aware of touching; when sitting still my hair would shift across my back and neck, and necklace would shift across my chest. The outside of my thighs felt warm as if someone was, or had been stroking them. A shirt that fit perfectly fine would fall off one shoulder and the neck of it would go lower as if stretched. I even got a physical response, as I constantly felt an adrenadline rush whenever I was still long enough. At this point I was really confused, as to what on Earth was going on with me! I also started noticing that whenever I was taking a shower or bath I would see movements in the mirror and around the room, and black blurs. Another night I had family over, and I was showing them around the house. As I showed them down a corridor I saw a black smoke dash in front of me. I asked anyone else if they saw it, thinking they must have because we were looking the same way, but no one had.

Then one night this week, it happened again. The same story that happened in bed before, but this time I could feel weight on my legs, my groin was cold and I could sort of feel something inside me and sense an energy really close to me. When I could open my eyes again, it was a similar scene but with more to it. More cold sweat and panting, but my doona had been thrown off the bed, the sheet was around my ankles, the neck of my tank top had been pushed below my breasts and my shorts were unbuttoned and low. When I looked in the mirror I saw I was flushed, my lips were swollen as if I had been kissing this "energy", and my skin had a waxy sheen to it.

After this experience I FINALLY felt something really unusual was up, so I went on the computer and searched "Incubus". I found signs and symptoms of an incubus being present or having attacked, and after reading these along with the encounters people have had on here with the demon I thought it could be a possibility that this was happening to me. As I was still rapidly going through all these stories the internet shut down completely. It's WiFi, and it stalling in the middle of working was unusual enough, without given the circumstances. I tried setting it back up, but to no avail. It was as if this "thing" knew I had finally figured out what was happening and has shut it down. Later, I tried to clear my thoughts of any demons and Incubus and came back up to try the internet again. It worked.

Even today I've had experiences. This morning I woke up home alone, and heard something outside my door, as if someone had just stopped there waiting for me to open it. I opened it, thinking it was just one of the dogs looking for company, but there was nothing there. Soon after shutting the door and going back to bed, I heard the dogs frantically barking at something in the house, in a panic. I leave my room to inspect, but cannot find the reason for their behaviour. Then, later today, I was writing a sort of monologue about the incubus and just as I had written the word "demon" I heard a loud banging noise outside the door. Everyone was asleep in bed, so I went out to check what had happened, and found nothing wrong. I went back to my writing, and upon writing "incubus" I see a black smoke dash across the mirror and out of sight.

I've not slept for the night yet, and it's now the next day, I just wish to find an answer. Whatever it is, it's not hurting me at all, in fact its presence is rather quite comforting to me. I just find this all confusing as in all my 16 years I've never had sex, been kissed, touched, had a boyfriend or anything romantic of the like, so this is very odd to me, not to mention the fact this is possibly a demon or spirit!

So please tell me your opinions, any help will be greatly appreciated!:) Thankyou for your time, and sorry about the length of this one!

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