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Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:25 am

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Ok so my story took place about a year ago. I was probably around 4-5 months pregnant with my son

and at that time my boyfriend and I would spend most of our evenings in the casino :mrgreen:
Well, One night as my boyfriend was playing rulette and I, as usual, was sitting next to him just watching him play.
I was pretty bored and was looking around at everyone play the slot machines. Thats when I noticed a pretty elderly lady sitting on one of the slot machines looking around as well but she didint have like a wonderous stare, she kinda looked evil... :o ((as I looked at her I thought to myself, "She kinda looks like a witch"))

and thats when I noticed her turn to me and stared back at me... :shock: I got a lil scared and looked back to where my boyfriend was at and tried to just forget the lady.. :roll:
I would say about a minute past and I had to look towards where the lady was... but she wasnt there anymore,... :?: thats when I got started to wonderr.. .. but decided that I might of been over exsaggerating the situation and just forgot completely of what had happened.

after about probably 15 minutes or so, my boyfriend decied it was a good time to go home and so we were getting ready to leave and started walking towards the exit
((which just so happens to be by the slot machines...))

So as we were walking along the slot machines an old lady kinda pokes her head out of the edge and looks at my boyfriend, she was so close to us that we almost ran into her!
My boyfriend pulled me away so we wouldnt run into her and he said, "What the heck?" and I asked him, she looked scary huh? and he said yes!

THATS WHEN I FELT really scared because that would of meant that he senced something too!!.. SO i told him about how she was the lady that kept staring at me and how she had kinda dissapeared on me... & out of no where she appeared right infront of us!! :shock: ..

I was soooo glad we left that place because I would not of wanted her to get enough time to put a spell on me or anything wierd like that... :?

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