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Tue May 17, 2011 3:58 pm

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Honey I miss you like crazy,
I don't know what to do without you,
I feel all sad inside,
My feelings for you I will no longer hide.

I gave u everything,
My love, my time, my caring,
Now all that seems to be forgotten,
U blocked it away, you've hidden.

I wish we could start from new,
I widh this world wouldn't be so cruel,
Living my lifee without you,
I feel messed up, confused.

We use to be so close to one another,
To me, you were more than my lover,
You're the guy I once knew so well,
The guy to who I can't seem to say farewell.

I wish you could give it one more chance,
I wish we never had to share our last dance,
I love you to the point words can't explain,
I'm going through hell, through so much pain.

We shared the best moments together,
Day by day, we'd get even closer,
You were always there to comfort me,
Sad, upset; you'd never let me be.

You cheered me up when I was down,
There's somthing in my life that's missing,
It's like being a princess without her crown,
You told me you loved me,
To express your feelings,
I never though i'd have to deal,
With what i'm dealing.

To me, it seems like everything's fine with you,
That you're happy, glad, not a bit blue,
I reread all those sweet letter you gave me,
And I could think is how much I miss you baby,
Sometimes you act like you still love me,
How do u expect me to feel?
Without you, my wounds will never heel,
My door is now locked, for only you hold the key.

The key that will unlock me,
The key that would set me free,
From all this madness,
From all this sadness.
I have nothing else to say,
Except in my heart, is where you'll stay.

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