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Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:49 am

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It's the first day of school for the University of St. Michael; everybody was cramming, searching for the rooms assigned to them. Steffi was walking along the corridor seeking for posters of clubs to sign in. On the other hand, Zach was under the tree with his newly found friends. The bell rang and they all went to their respective classrooms......

Steffi is a typical rich girl who gets what she wants. She's a charming, average height freshman college student. There are a lot of boys going gaga to get her attention but she neglects them because she doesn’t like a single guy from that group of men courting her. She is always the life of the party and everybody likes her (the campus queen), I guess. She wantons because her parents departed ways when she was younger. Her nanny takes care of her, even in a PTA meeting it's always the nanny cause her mother is always out of town managing their business while her father have his own family. Even though, she abhors her father for leaving them, she still loves her stepbrothers. Every summer vacation she visits her father's family in California and she really likes her stepmother because they get along well. Ever since her parents had their divorced, she started to rebel. Each jiff her mother comes home, she didn't even bother to say hi nor hello. Steffi’s world was in chaos and still gloomy when she met the guy who ruined her life.

Steffi’s life is umbrageous while Zach came from a happy and complete family. If he has time, he gives her younger brother, Lowie, a ride going to school. Zach hates Steffi for being an attention seeker. She doesn’t like girls who act like a whore. He thinks that Steffi is a flirt, dumb, insensible gal. He hates to see all the guys who surround Steffi. He feels pathetic towards the guys because he knows that they don't have a chance towards Steffi. He thought that she is only playing with the boys' feelings.

As Steffi heard the bell she hurriedly went to room 4engine (an engineering classroom), taking her first year as an engineering student. She is about to enter the threshold of the room when somebody bump on her. Her stuffs fell down and got angry. "What the heck!" the imminent shouting of Steffi... “Are your stupid, blind or something...?" Zach was shocked and stammered.” I'm really sorry miss. I'm late for my first subject...and it was unintentional. Sorry... it was just an accident"... SORRY! Is that all you could say... Look at my stuffs they're everywhere... You ruined EVERYTHING! You’re not even watching your steps." Steffi blustered... “You know miss you're so STUBBORN ... I'm late for my class and I don't have a time for this foolish argument...” Zach angrily replied and he entered the classroom. Steffi was pissed off and annoyed because Zach didn't even bothered to help her gather her things and more rage because Zach was her classmate.

"Good morning ma'am!" greeted the students of room albert15.

Mrs. Alcona de la Cruz entered the room holding some books for their class.

“Good morning students!" She replied with eyes looking at everybody. “Since today is your first day, I guess we should start it from introducing ourselves." "I'm Mrs. Alcona de la Cruz, your adviser. I could be your friend or a second mother. You can always approach me. Each time you have dilemmas. You should note that I'm strict during class hours. I hate when I'm deceit... Cause I always laid my cards from the paradigm of class. I hate when no listens to me because it's an insult on my part. I don't like those students who are talking when I'm also talking...that's all. Now it's your turn."

They started introducing themselves, until it's Zach’s turn.” I'm Zachary Lim... From National High School. I'm simple, kind and so whatever.And I don't like stubborn people.” and then he looked at Steffi sitting at the corner of the room.

Steffi snob him and squint at her other classmates. She whispered at herself “And so...You’re my classmate. Prepare for vengeance my dearest Zach.” and then she flashed a smile. On the other hand, Zach finished introducing himself and then it was her turn. She stands and walks towards the center.

“Uhmmm.... Good morning everyone!" she smiled “by the way I'm Stephanie Archulleta... but you can call me Steffi. I'm half-American...

"And so you’re the girl I bumped on when I'm about to enter the room.” Zach said.

....."That’s all... Thank you..!” Steffi walk back to her seat.

The bell rings... Their first day had just ended... Almost everybody left the room except for Steffi and Zach. Both were fixing their things... as they finished fixing their stuffs... Their eyes met and....Zach went back to his work.He took his bag and about to left the room... While Steffi “I hate him... He didn't even bother to say sorry for not helping me get my stuffs!" Zach heard her. He turned back “Well... Thank you for hating me. I appreciate it.BYE..!” She was about to say something but his already gone. "Hate you...I hate you...Hate...you...hate you.” then she left.

In their house, Steffi was filling with anguish. Her nanny was wondering what's happening to her... Then she asked...

“Are you ok my dear...? You look like you're about to kill somebody.”
“I met this guy who bumped on me when I was about to enter the room and didn't even bothered to help me gather my stuffs!" “I hate him... He’s such a goof.” Her nanny sighs and said...
“It’s ok my dear, just don't mind him...Guys are always like that.”
“Just don't mind him? How dare him..! Her nanny just keeps quiet and watched her go to her room... Stamping…

In her room…” This day sucks..!" she said picking her pink(ish) pillow in the coach. "Ahhh...hh.”
The next day in the cafeteria, Zach was about to get the last bowl of salad when a hand just grabbed it, in a flash the salad was nowhere to be found. Zach looks at the man behind getting the food. And he saw STEFFIE. She is really goanna be my nemesis the whole time I'll stay in this creepy, old campus: Zach grabbed the salad back and “Ahmm... There’s a queue and don't you know how to do so. First come... First serve dude... So please can you just give me the salad..!" he was annoy and Steffi just ignore him. She walks toward the table with her circle of friends. Of course the usually things girls do...Gossip...what else could it be?

"That brunette damsel really pissed me off.” Zach convey to his friends on the other table with rage. "Dude calm down...” Mike said "she's a girl...and you’re supposed to treat her well. Zach grabbed his sandwich. “Whose side are you.., you can go with that girl anytime you want.Feel free.”
"Man don't be so pathetic... I'm on your side and that's it."
“Then good" Zach said with a halo.

On the other side of the table, Steffi with her friends are also talking about Zach.
“Poor Zach ...too bad he couldn't stand a girl like me" Steffi took a mirror in her pouch and smiled at her girl friends."

They all laugh and bluster, another jiff when Zach’s rage steps in to the next level. Zach stands, carrying his tray; he put it back on its place. Trudge towards a group of girls (Steffi’s Group)" Can't you just keep quite even for a while...You’re annoying...... do you that..?" take hold of Steffi’s arm " if you want to bluster and tease others 'coz of their flaws....then you should ditch yourself out of this campus...'coz no one likes you!" Steffi cringe of embarrassment, the first time when someone criticized her harshly cause of her evil side. Without a word from her, Zach walked out and left her flabbergasted. She wanted to cry but she thought he is not worth it for even a single drop of her tears.

Who is he to tell me such harsh and humiliating stuffs? He doesn’t even know me. Steffi insensibly interrogated herself in front of the mirror in a comfort room. She realizes that she looks goofy; she then took a facial wash in her pink (ish) bag made of a snake’s skin. She applies some blush on, lipstick and all the too girly stuffs which attract boys. She then went out of the comfort room.

In the hallway
Zach was in a hurry to get the prerequisite for this semester while Steffi was sitting outside their room making her assignments. Zach called her but she's in tentative to look at him. She was about to go to the library, she fix her cascade hair and neglected Zach.

"STEFFI!” Zach called her.

She didn't even bother to look back and she pretended she not hear it. Zach knows that Steffi is avoiding her because of the recent situation that took place at the Cafeteria. So he runs after her. Steffi realized that Zach is running after her so she walks faster for Zach not to reach her. As Zach see that she was walking faster, he grab her arm and “Steffi, I...I..."... he keeps on stammering.


"I love you!"

"What?"...Steffi was surprised.She thought: he keeps on annoying me, and that doesn't mean a thing.He just wants my attention.

From then on they became boyfriends and girlfriends, until they came at the right age to wed. They leave happily ever after with a perfect family!!!♥♥



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