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Tue May 17, 2011 4:58 pm

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I love you,
I wish you loved me too,
I think I have a reason to believe that there is a chance,
Because you smile when you see me,
And you laugh when I speak,
When I look up, you look down,
Over and over,
I think it is because you are shy,
But it could be in my mind,
It appears as though you watch me,
And you always wait,
You are the only one who knows that there are two of us,
May be you are unaware that I want to be in your arms,
But when you put your arm around me,
Your scent engulfs me,
I have forgotten what it smelled like,
Bbecause it has been so long,
But I did not notice anyone else's cologne,
And last time I went to see you was your birthday,
I wanted to make you know that I knew,
And I hoped no one else would remember,
Hoping that you would see that,
You are special in my eyes,
But I missed you,
And someone told me there was someone else,
But that was only one person,
And everyone else says you are single,
So I am still hoping,
It has been a while since I have seen you,
I am going again soon,
In hopes that you will pass the right spot,
And I will get to smell you once more,
And you will put your arm around me innocently,
And wait because there are two of us,
May be no one will be with you,
May be you will smile when you see me and laugh,
Maybe I will go home thinking,
Again that you may have been watching,
Or may be my hopes are too high,
May be you will not even show,
May be you will be by someone's side,
May be you will be eager to leave,
And not even touch me,
Just like you did the first time,
May be you will not smile and laugh,
And may be I will go home crying,
But I will always love you.

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