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Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:35 am

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A long, long time ago in deep space, there was a distant planet that no one knew of, and it was a hairy planet. One day, a giant fireball hit the planet, and destroyed a couple colonies. All of a sudden, a giant, flamboyant, and wacky conehead popped out. He saw how desolate, and hairy this planet was. It looked like a giant furball to him. This was a foreign concept to him, but who could tell with this guy. He thought it was normal to have a cone shaped head. He also had a pig wife, who landed with him, her name was Pigshella. They both met on the planet Tossedanimalsalad, but later got kicked out for public interspecies sex, and sent to the planet referred to as The Giant Furball. After a couple years, he decided to make this place his official abode, and convincing the very few people there to abide by his rule wasnt as abrasive as he thought it would be. Besides, he had no one to usurp power from, so it was like taking candy from a baby. The Conehead decided to make this planet more lively. So, one night he decided to pour alcohol on the ground, and see what happens, and he did. He poured 10,000 tons of alcohol on the planet, which he derived from Saddam. For about four hours, nothing came up, but then, once the Conehead was about to give up, and walk away, little eight legged hairless creatures popped up. They walked clumsy, shot web clumsy, and kept missing their targets. The Conehead chuckled, and said Well now, I am a genius, I created drunk….uh.. The Conehead was confused, and did not know what to call them. He finally decided on a silly word he came up with. Spiders! he said. The Conehead was oh so happy, he was jumping around with the few planets people. The spiders became celebrities overnight. Deep down inside though, all of this so called joy was just a fussade of what was really happening inside the planet. The spiders were draining the planet of what little resources it had. The few people that inhabited the planet before the Conehead arrived were getting ready to revolt against the Conehead, and his army of party animal spiders. The fussade was fading fast, reality was hitting hard. Pigshella was beginning to take the peoples side. Conehead was freaking out, he had nowhere to run, or no one to run to. The final fight hit between him, and Pigshella. He walked out, and began to drink whiskey to try, and escape the reality that his fussade failed, and he could not have fun 24/7. The Queen Spider spotted him moping around drunk. She too, was sad that none of them could party 24/7. They started talking more, and more. Soon enough, they had an affair. A couple people against Conehead saw it, ran, and told Pigshella. With powers combined with the people. They put a voodoo curse on the Queen Spider, all spiders, and the Conehead. They cursed the spider with hair, and every spider from now on, present, and future. They turned the Conehead into a road cone, and all coneheads, future, and present. They bottled all the spiders, and coneheads in their cursed forrm, and sent them to the planet Earth to be doomed forever for their cursed deeds.

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