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Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:37 pm

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KalaiMoli was an orphan girl who grew up with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt was her mother’s sister, and she took her in only because no one else wanted her. Her cousins were about the same age as her, but they never got along. They always picked on her and made her feel unwelcome.

She didn’t go to the same private school. Instead, she went to a nearby public school. Sometimes, her aunt would make her do household chores all afternoon that she only had time to do her schools work late into the night. Sometimes, too, she would go without dinner as a punishment for something she didn’t do.

Through it all, one thing kept her going - the thought that someday she would earn enough money to support herself, and she can leave the house that has brought her so many heartaches and tears.

She never blamed anyone for her fate. She just accepted the fact that this was the life handed her and she had to make the best of it.

Her only friend was a schoolmate named Kanmani. Kanmani comes from a rich family, but she was very simple and good-hearted. KalaMoli’s plight made her feel sorry for her, but her friend’s determination to succeed and positive outlook on life are what Kanmani admired about her. Her friend’s strong character is something she respected.

“Someday, Kanmani, I can leave everything behind and start life on my own.” She would often tell her best friend. “Someday, I can be truly happy away from all the people that hurt me.”

Although she accepts the fact that she owed a lot to her aunt and uncle, and that she would always be grateful to them for taking her in, she also understands that they have no place in their family for her.

KalaiMoli recalls how hard her life had been back in her home town, but now that she has become a successful doctor, mostly helping the poor and going on medical missions to other impoverished countries, she acknowledges that, without those hardships, she wouldn’t be where she is now.

With the love of her best friend and the hope that kept burning in her heart for a better life, she has finally reached her dreams.

“Indeed, hardships and trials in life come to make us stronger and better persons,” she admits to herself.

She silently whispers a prayer of thanks as she tends to an orphaned little girl. At last, she has come full circle.

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Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:05 am

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