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Wed May 26, 2010 10:47 pm

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Haunted Tales is very interesting Teen story; Read and enjoy it

"A dare is a dare!" Bryan shouted.

"Yes, but… a haunted house?" I asked. "And by myself?"

"Yep, that was the deal," he laughed nervously, knowing he'd put me right into it without asking first.

I stood there with my mouth open. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. My boyfriend wanted me to spend a night in a haunted house all because he and his mate had a bet and he lost. Damn why is it that boyfriends seem to think they can put their babes on the spot and do things to save their skin.

"You'll be fine," Bryan said trying to console me. "It's a house and nothing more. It's old, yes… but haunted… well they are just old tales spread around to scare a few people."

Bryan sounded so convincing and the dumb blonde that I am decided that perhaps he was telling the truth and it would be safe for me to go in there. After all it was only for one night.

With Friday night here I had everything ready. A flashlight, enough stress food to last a life time, bottles of drink and a couple of clean blankets to wrap myself up in when and if sleep came. Oh yes I did have a few candles and matches to help light the way.

When Bryan dropped me off dusk was only just arriving. It was like we had sat in the car and talked for ages but in fact it had only been like 10 minutes. Finally after he kept apologizing I decided that it was now or never and I should really do this, just for Bryan to save his skin. Looking at the house, it looked really spooky and I felt that someone or something was watching me at the same time.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw the curtains move, but I was sure that it was my nervous imagination starting to set in and I wasn't even in the house. Bryan kissed me good-bye and promised to pick me up at 7am in the morning. I looked at my watch and noticed it was only 7pm and I had 12 hours to go…

I made my way to the front door ever so slowly hoping to kill at least a few moments of time before I was inside this house. Haunted, they say and I believed them but I didn't want to. I made my way up the creaky stairs until I was standing outside the front door. It really was old and dusty. I went to turn the knob but before I had a chance to do that the door swung loudly open and wisps of dust and cobwebs flew out the door and around me.

It was almost as if I was being pulled inside, I felt like I was floating through the air as I glided into what would have been the lounge. Like in the haunted house movies all the seats were covered in white sheeting and then I noticed it… One chair was uncovered in the corner of the room and their was a lamp lit overhead.

Cold shivers ran up my spine as I realised the house knew that I was coming and was prepared for me. I wondered what other secrets it held. For some reason I was feeling a little scared and a tad apprehensive about being here.

What did the house want from me especially since it already knew I would be spending the night?

I dumped my belongings on the clean chair, grabbed my torch so I could investigate the house a little more. Instincts told me I should stay where I was, but I was very inquisitive and eager to find what I was scared of before it found me.

As I looked around the room, in all the corners there were spiders… damn spiders everywhere, not just your little spiders that you could squish easily enough, these were humungous. My skin began to crawl, the goose bumps made me shiver and while they watched me with their evil eyes I continued through the house.

At the bottom of a huge staircase I looked up. I felt something was pulling me towards the top of the stairs, suddenly I found myself floating right up to the top of the landing. There were hands holding me and I couldn't see them, but damn I sure could feel them.

They were holding and touching me in the most intimate of places… I thought perhaps I was imagining it but I wasn't so sure…

The dust on this floor was thick, there were cobwebs everywhere I looked. From a distance I could see an open door and I felt myself being led to that room. As I looked up I noticed those huge spiders were following me, they looked evil but they weren't doing anything to harm me or to come near me at all but at the same time their eyes were hypnotic.

I found myself just inside the open door and before me was a 4 poster bed. The room was spotless and beside the bed was a rocking chair. There was no one in it, but it was rocking back and forth and suddenly I found myself ever so sleepy…

I floated to the bed and felt myself lie down and drift off into a deep sleep… all my fears disappeared… well so it seemed.

As the clock struck twelve I woke to the chimes but found I couldn't move. I was spread eagled on the bed, I was totally naked and my hands were bound to the posts by the spider webs. Those spiders were standing guard at each corner, then I realised they were holding onto me, one on each ankle and wrist...

I felt myself shiver as I realised I couldn't move and damn I hate spiders…

I tried to scream but couldn't…

The rocking chair slowly began to rock back and forth and when two hands appeared from nowhere I almost passed out.

The hands hovered over my body I kept watching them and in the background the rocking of the chair was almost hypnotic.

I felt myself drifting and thinking about horny beings. Sex with a ghost, seemed the furthest thing from my mind, but those hands were all over me. Touching me, feeling me…

They played with my tits, pinching at my nipples as I they knew how sensitive they were. I could feel the spiders edging their way up my legs towards my pussy, I began to panic but I knew that it was no use… The spiders crawled down my arms, it was like they were watching the hands playing with my nipples… as the hands moved lower the spiders crept over me until there was one sitting on each breast.

I could feel them sucking my nipples between their fangs attached to their jaws. The wild sensations they were causing was driving me mad. In my mind I was almost begging the hands to play with me to give me the sexual relief that I needed.

The hands read my thoughts, slowly they traced a path downwards reaching my burning sex, and they stopped. For a few moments my heart raced, the fear of what those bony fingers could do to me, made me want them to stop… but sexual thoughts of a hot finger fucking were deep in my mind as they proceeded to play with me.

The two spiders that were holding my ankles were situated just inside my thighs. They knew that if those fingers buried themselves inside me they would rip me to shreds so they did the next best thing…

What would normally take hours possibly even days, took only a matter of seconds as the spiders weaved a silken web around the fingers on each hand.

Poised between my legs they waited until the spiders crawled back to my ankles. I could hear the hypnotic sound of the rocking chair as the hands slipped between my thighs. I could feel them touching me, trying to open my pussy lips. I could feel myself moaning from their gentle touch.

The spiders on each breast held me tight, as the fingers of one hand slipped inside my tight pussy. I felt like I had just been ripped open by the sheer size of them. Back and forth it moved in and out, in my mind I was begging it to stop but at the same time I was screaming for the pleasure to keep going.

When I thought I couldn't take anymore, I felt the binding on my legs loosening as something grabbed me on each side pulling my legs wider apart. I couldn't see anything but they were there, grabbing at me, touching me the hand was trying to push its way deeper inside me trying.

Over and over it pounded into me and suddenly it stopped…

I wanted more, I was on the brink of a wild climax when suddenly the bed moved as something slid between my legs. I could feel its weight on me as something huge pushed against my pussy.

I couldn't move, my legs were held wide apart and this invisible monster was trying to fuck me. I could feel the hands pulling my lips apart as the head of a giant phallus slipped inside me. I felt myself open my mouth to scream but nothing came out as he pushed forward sinking his member deep inside me. It was ripping me open; the thickness was incredible as it fucked me hard over and over the pressure against my clit was all too much. I moaned long and loud into the dead of the night as we came.

Jumping at the haunted sounds I woke in a chair in the lounge…. My heart raced wondering what the hell I was doing there. The thoughts of being fucked by an invisible man with a huge phallus stuck in my mind along with the spiders and scary hands…

Turning the torch on I looked at my watch, it was almost 7am and Bryan would be waiting for me outside. I suddenly realised that there was a binding of web around my wrists. I began to shake as my hand slipped down into my panties touching my pussy. It was a little tender and moist. Pulling my hand back to the torchlight, I noticed my pussy juice had a slight tinge of blood in it…

I wasn't dreaming…

Bryan blasted his horn letting me know he was there to pick me up. I looked around just as the rocking chair began its mesmerizing magic.

I knew I'd return to my haunted house…
The End
hope you guys like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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