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Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:07 am

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His is an experience in my primary school. This happened to me a lot of times. It started in class 3 when some friends of mine told me that there was a grave under my school hall. I said I didn't believe them and said that I would prove them wrong. I went to the school hall and said come out you freaking ghost and something grabbed my leg, it did leave a mark.

After this I experienced like someone was watching me. Someone behind me and looking back to see no one. Looking in the mirror to see words written in blood. I thought I was going crazy.

This kept on happening until I reached class 6. I started getting notes like you are going die. I didn't tell anyone because it would get angrier. All year through it kept happening like this. I didn't know what to do. It just kept following me everywhere.

All of a sudden I started getting love notes like I love you jaan (beloved). Once in the school bathroom someone whispered I love you forever and I am going to get you. I was so scared and I was alone. I checked 3 times so I could be sure I was alone. I ran out of there.

Every guy I found seemed to go away to some other school the next year. In class 8 I stood up and fought the ghost in the school bathroom when it was awards night and every one was stairs, I called him by annoying him and just thrust bible pages at him. He went away which was relaxing but only for a little while.

Everyday I could feel his presence but not that strong. I'm 14 and still feeling him in my life. Everyday he comes and goes. Please comment and help me what to do...

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