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Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:35 am

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This story is connected to my other story called, "I Think They Wanted My Help." To understand this one, please read the other one. Thanks.

After we left the Soldier\'s museum, we went to the battlefield for a two hour tour with our personal guide. When that ended, we went back to our hotel room to relax. I mean, we were EXAUSTED. Anyway, so we got back to our hotel room and settled in.

I was sitting on my bed, flipping through the channels and also thinking about the battlefield. I had a sudden urge to look over at the bedside table sitting next to me. Sitting on it was a Confederate flag and a Union flag in a stand that I had bought a couple days earlier.

My calm face turned into a frown. The Confederate flag was moving all on its own. I sighed and checked for a flow of air. There was none. The air conditioning wasn't even on. I remember staying in the room and noticing that when the AC would kick on, it would be very loud.

I stared at the flag for a couple more seconds then mentioned it to my mom, who was sitting on the other side of the bedside table on another bed. She looked up from her laptop and said it probably was nothing. Convinced that something paranormal was going on here, I turned back to the flag and noticed that it had stopped moving.

I decided to try my luck. I said aloud, "If that was something paranormal would you be so kind to make the flag move again?" By this point, my sister was watching me be a mini investigator. It took about 5 seconds, but sure enough, the Confederate flag jiggled.

I smiled and looked up at my mom. She looked at me blown away and then said aloud, "This is our hotel room. You need to leave now. When we leave this hotel room in the next couple of days, you may come back to it." She then went back to her laptop.

And that my friend is when I changed the channel on the TV to the Simpsons, so I could try to forget what just happened.

I have one more story coming soon. It\'s about the Jenny Wade house.

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