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Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:29 am

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When Sree Guru Amar Das jee became Guru, historians have recorded his first words to the Sangat:

“If someone treats you badly, bear it. If you bear it three times, the fourth time Vahiguru will be on your side. The aggressor will be given such a punishment that he will not be able to save himself regardless of all his efforts. Vahiguru’s grindstone (of justice) may turn very slowly, but the grain is ground very finely (the justice is perfect).”

Then Guru jee read the 21st PauRee of Sree Asa Kee Vaar “Jit saeviai sukh paeeai so sahib sadaa samaaleeaai…”

He then continued,

“Be kind to everyone. Having pride over anything is not noble.

Consider the company (immoral relations) with another woman to be like the company of a snake or a murderous elephant. Never even by mistake go into bad Sangat (company).

Humility is the greatest weapon. Never speak badly.

Those who praise themselves are always lost. The path of dharma is the abandoning of slander (ninda).

Don’t spend or eat more than you need to. Also work just as much as you need to. Don’t do anything above and beyond the need for it.

Leave behind fakeness and hypocrisy. A life of false show is always a painful one.

If someone is a Sikh of the Guru, listen and obey him.

Loving another woman, even if she is a devotee of God (bhagtaNee) is a relationship which will result in loss not gain.

Go to and meet the Shabad of the Guru. Do not go somewhere where the Guru is forgotten.

Eat when you are hungry. Don’t fill what is already filled. But don’t abandon food either. Sleep when you feel very sleepy. Don’t sleep without feeling tired. Don’t pain your body.

Listen to the stories of the Guru. Singh Shabads and listen too. Don’t’ speak falsehood.

If someone is forgetting about the Guru, try and remind them. Speak to them from the heart. If they don’t listen, then it’s up to them.

Take the Guru’s words to heart. Give (the Guru) at least a tenth of your earnings. Keep the company of good people and serve those you encounter.

Before putting anything in your mouth, say Vahiguru. Vahiguru will bless it.

Those who have day and night japed Vahiguru, and left their ego, they are the truly high and good ones.

Controlling one’s desires is Dharam. One who does this is jeevan mukat (liberated while alive).

One who is beloved of God cannot ever remain bound by any restraints. He is free. He is above all tradition, custom, fortune, luck, and delusion.

Sree Guru jee’s Daily Routine

Guru jee would rise with one quarter of the night remaining. He would not wake anyone else. He would bathe using water brought by his seva Bhai Buloo jee (who was always with him). Guru jee, historians right, would daily wash his kesh and also put yogurt (was used to clean hair).

After bathing, Guru jee would put one immaculate white clothes. He would then go sit in solitary meditation, deep in samadhee.

When amrit vela would arrive and the rest of the Sangat too had risen, he would go and join the Sangat. Bhai Saadoo, Baadoo and Bhai Sata and Bhai BalvanD would recite keertan. Guru jee too would sometimes lead the keertan. When the sun rose, keertan ended and degh was distributed.

The Sangat would then come and speak with Guru jee and tell their personal problems. Some would ask for naam, others for some worldly gift and others would ask how to progress on the spiritual path. When Guru jee would speak, it was as if a wave had risen from a great and profound ocean and with the wave, jewels from the depths were tossed out. All would lovingly praise the Guru. Hearing his words all hearts would blossom forth and naam would begin to go by itself.

Guru jee would then join the Sangat to do seva. Guru jee would do his own work and then go to the Langar to supervise. Under Guru jee’s watch, the Langar was prepared and would then take Sangat with him and sit in the Pangat to eat. There was no caste in the Langar, all were equal. Guru jee would himself eat a bland dish made of cooked grain, which was like a gruel. He would eat very little.

Guru jee would then return to his hut and rest for a short while. He would then emerge and meet the visiting Sangat. It was Guru jee’s rule that all who wished to meet him must first eat in the Langar and break all caste barriers. No one could meet Guru jee without first obeying this rule. With this, caste was not abandoned just theoretically but also practically.

Later in the day, Katha would happen and Gursikhs would explain baaNee and Guru Sahib would also speak when he felt it necessary. Keertan would follow and then Sodar. All would then eat, but Guru jee did not. He would either sit outside and speak with the Sangat or walk by the banks of the Beas.

Guru Sahib had also ordered that the Langar should not have anything stored. Whatever was left over would be given to the animals and if there was still some left, it was given the fish of the Beas. Not even the clay pots were allowed to have any water left in them. Guru Sahib did this so no one would feel greed for the Langar or try to profit from it. Guru Sahib said that just as the bird does not store for tomorrow, he too had no need to store. Like a bird, there should be faith that Vahiguru will provide.

Because of this practice, from the morning, the Sangat would arrive with supplies for the Langar. Every day the Langar would fill afresh.

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