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Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:16 pm

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Surprisingly for Abbas, he was experiencing ambivalence when he finished his final year Engineering exam; on one hand he was delighted to complete his Engineering course while on the other hand the new challenge of finding a job for a fresh Engineering graduate like him, in the tough competitive environment was making him miserable. He had heard horror stories from his seniors, most of them were still unemployed and wandering around to get hired while few were forced to settle down in their ancestor's business. Unfortunately Abbas's father was a retired clerk, hence finding an appropriate job was the only option available at his disposal.

After finishing his exam, being pro-active he immediately started applying for fresh engineering jobs. Despite all the odds he could still see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Within a couple of weeks he had responded to over fifty plus companies seeking fresh graduates. With no response to his application, he was slowly losing his hope but his strong faith kept him on his mission. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months with no luck, Abbas would check his mails regularly, only to find junk mails and bills in the mail box.

Abbas was getting anxious as his final year examination report was due any time now and how right he was, the following day he had received his result. To his utter dismay, he failed in one of his favorite subject. Abbas's mind now ran a hopeless Marathon. All of a sudden his world had just collapsed and the light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the light of an oncoming train crashing the little hope he had. He no longer had any further interest to look for the response to his job application. He knew now, that he was not qualified even if he gets lucky in receiving the job interview letter.

The next day, Abbas's mom surprised him by giving him a sealed letter addressed to him. He curiously opened up to what turned out to be a response to his earlier job application. The letter was asking him to appear for a job interview. Abbas felt distressed, seeing this, his mother asked, "what is the matter Abbas?" He said, "the company I applied for job is inviting me for a job interview but I cannot attend". Abbas's mother knew that her son was not qualified for the job but still she insisted that he should appear for the interview and have the courtesy to convey his situation.

On the schedule interview day, Abbas without any interview preparation set out to convey his regret. He joined the many fresh applicants, waiting in the lobby for their interview. After few hours of waiting Abbas's name was called. Abbas stood up whispering to his neighbor "I won't be long" as he headed to the interview room.

Abbas greeted the elderly looking gentlemen who asked him to take a seat. Abbas sat down. The elderly gentleman introduced himself as Vikram Sinha, and then politely asked, "Your resume stated that you were waiting for your final result, is it declared yet"?

"Yes it is and unfortunately I failed in one subject" confessed Abbas.

Vikram's expression changed. A frown now stood where a smile was a few seconds earlier, "so what made you come for the interview?" demanded Vikram.

"Well, I thought I should at least drop by to let you know that I am now not qualified for this job" whispered Abbas.

"Were you expecting this disappointment?" queried Vikram.

"No, as a matter of fact this was one of my favorite subjects and I was over confident and that was my blunder" asserted Abbas.

"So you learned a lesson young man, didn't you" said Vikram.

"Yes, absolutely" replied Abbas.

"Now since you have come all the way for this interview would you mind if I pick your brain" asked Vikram.

"Not at all, please go ahead" replied Abbas.

The interview lasted for about an hour and at the end, Vikram said to Abbas: "Thank you for your time, we will let you know if you are selected".

As Abbas was walking down the street to the bus station, he said to himself "I would have made it only if I would have lied about my result instead of listening to my mom, she has no idea how difficult it is to find a job in this topsy-turvy world. From politicians to marketing's, from fortune tellers to any damn business, diplomacy and dishonesty is what makes the world go round. I shouldn't have let go this wonderful opportunity". Cursing himself, discouraged and dejected, Abbas returned home.

Few days later, Abbas's mom surprised him with yet another sealed letter, it was from the company that interviewed him. Without any hope and thinking it to be a straight regret letter, Abbas pulled out the letter, it said "we are pleased to welcome you on board as a Junior Engineer. We are highly impressed by your courage, sincerity, honesty and integrity and we look forward to working with you. Please accept this offer to join us immediately...

Tears welled up Abbas's eyes, streaming down his face as he hug his mother and said, "I made it, Mom you were right and you always will be, goodness and truth shall always prevail!"

I would prefer to be an honest failure than to be a corrupt success...

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