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Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:28 am

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Hey, I'm Chassidy Smith and this is my complicated life. I made a stupid choice at a stupid party which had a stupid reaction. I got pregnant, and the baby dad decided to leave me. I can't believe I fell for his stupid tricks. Well once I got mature throughout the pregnancy, I learned that this baby isn't as bad it sounds. So I kept a beautiful baby girl. Her name's Sophia Brielle Smith. I loved her and she's not a bad baby at all. She's turning four today and we need to get some items from the store. So her and I made a quick stop there.

"Mommy, can we get like some chips and dip like all the time?" She asked, playing with my necklace as I pushed her in the cart. "Sure, it's your birthday. What kind of chips?" I asked her. "Some lays, I like lays." She said, pointing to them. I put her hand down and grab the chips. "What kind of dip?" I asked her. "Can I grab it? I'm becoming a big girl now." She said, looking at me. I put her down from the cart and let her get it. She got the dip and handed it to me. "Thanks, Soph." I said, smiling at her. She smiled at me and I put her back. My phone was receiving a text message and I was wheeling the cart without looking. I ended up running into someone as I was rummaging through my purse, looking for my phone. "Oh sir, I'm so-" I began to apologize. He turned around and revealed a familiar face. It's him. "Not sorry." I finished off.

Sophia looked at me, "You're not supposed to say that. You're supposed to apologize." She said. "Chassidy." He replied. "I'm pretty sure I know my name." I said, as I passed him. "Wait." He called after me. His voice sounded the same as last time and it just triggered memories. I stopped in my tracks and turned around. "Wait? Wait for what?" I asked, with an attitude. "Could we talk?" He asked. He's got to be kidding me. "You've got to be kidding me. I can't talk right now, I'm in the middle of shopping with my daughter." I said, turning back around and pushing the cart. I was through with this guy, he broke my heart and I can't take back what he did. He caught up with me and stopped me once again. "Who's this?" Sophia asked. "I don't know, I sure didn't know back then." I said. "Look, I wanna make things right and I can't without you talking about this through." He said, nodding. "Well looks like you're not gonna make it right." I said, trying to walk away with the cart.

"Why can't we talk?" He asked me. "Because you didn't wanna earlier, why do I have to listen now?" I asked. "Come on Chassidy, it's different now." He pleaded with sincere looking eyes. I didn't believe it. "Mommy, he looks really sad right now." Sophia butted in. I smiled at her, "Well he's been very sad, it's not really something new. Come on, Soph." I said, walking away from him. I was done talking to him. These four years went blissful without him, I don't need him now. We don't need him.

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