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Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:46 am

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My name is Cody. It all started about a year ago, when me and my best freind John went to swine creek park in Ohio. There was a astronomy star-gazeing thing going on and we avoided it.

We were messing around with nerf swords and were fighting near the edge of a swampy area. It was dark outside at the time, so we couldn't see much. It felt creepy being around there alone in the dark but it was the only place that wasn't crowded.

We took a break to talk, and caught a glimpse of something that caught our attention. There was a strange glowing figure of what looked like a young girl with long black hair in a wedding dress. It looked like she was walking slowly along the edges of the swamp water.

As we stood thare frozen in fear and shocked to see what was happening, we started to hear a strange noise. It was almost sounded like a helicopter that was flying really low. Of course this could have just been crickets, but I'm not sure. After watching it for what seemed like three minutes, we moved to the crowd as quickly as possible and begged John's mom to leave.

This was our first paranormal encounter that we had seen. However, we thought nothing of it until we accepted the fact that whatever it was we saw could have very well been something parnormal. To go into more detail on what the "glowing figure" looked like, it was what looked to be around the average hieght of a teenage girl. It had black hair as I said, and was wearing what looked like a tattered wedding dress. The color of the glowing aura around if was almost like a greener color of a marshmallow or something.

Im sorry if this was undescriptive, but this happened a year ago and I'm new to this site. If you have any ideas of what this is, please comment. Thank you.

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