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Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:17 pm

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My mother ran away from me.
She took all of her stuff and left with her new boyfriend, Dennis, whom may i add she has only been dating for three months. I've been her daughter for what? Sixteen years?

"Oh Abigale, don't be like that! I'm going on an adventure! And what kind of parent takes their kid on an adventure?" She asked, bringing all of her suitcases out of her room and then put her perfectly manicures hands on her hips.
"A good one" i growled which made her laugh. Her laugh changed her face. She was beautiful in a way i could never be. I lacked her brightness and energy.
But people say we look the same and i am not quick to correct them. Her hair was long and wavy, tumbling down to her waist like a onyx waterfall. Her skin was blemish less and golden, and she had perfectly shaped brown eyes that looked like chocolate.

People were drawn to her as if she was an adult sized magnet.
I wasn't drawn to her though... she was unreliable.

"What am i supposed to do then huh?" I didn't shout. I never shout. Shit, i barely ever talk at all. But i put a lot of forced behind my words and her smile faltered momentarily, but then it came back on full blast.
"Go live with your father or something, i don't know. You'll figure something out, you've always been very resourceful"

"Dad lives by the sea..." She nodded and packed a few things into her handbag, "Ma, that's five hours away! I'll have to change schools, and make new friends! Oh and find a new job! God, your so selfish!" I glared at her. She let out a long sigh and slapped her hands down on the kitchen table.
"Selfish, shellfish. You will live with your father. I'll call him now"

Holy shit, i am so angry. Why does she never think of anyone but herself?! Why did she only tell me about this 'adventure' today?

I was furious, and i didn't know where to look. I definitely didn't want to look at my mother, so instead i took a plate from the table and threw it to the floor. It smashed, sending white shards of porcelain in all directions. I left the room then.

A little dramatic, yes, but i thought the moment needed a little something. And i think that smashing a plate was very good exit too.

I had to catch a train.
Apparently my mother hadn't thought about how i would actually get to my fathers house, just that i was going there.
Goodness i was angry.
And so for five hours i sat and fumed. Listening to angry music while i sketched angry things angrily and mumbling the occasional angry words when no one was listening.

It's just know fair.
I'm sixteen now, i can take care of myself! Shit, i have been since i was old enough to stand.
Where does she get off thinking she can run my life?

So now i am off to live with my dad who lives in a small town overrun by bogans and daro girls.
I've visited him a few times since he and ma split up, but after i stayed the night once i never went back. It was terrible and frightening.
He came and visited, or we kept it to phone calls which was ridiculous because he barely ever talks face-to-face.

I love my dad, i do, but our relationship is an awkward one. Filled with long, awkward silences and a few weird standing around moments.

I was almost at the train stop now, the one i have to get off at, so i told myself to calm down and breath.

In and out, deep breaths...
It was quite difficult at first, but i soon got it into gear and was a calm person again.

Just in time too. When i got off the train with all of my bags i expected him to be there.

He wasn't.

Had ma not called him after all? I groaned and flopped down onto a bench, defeated.
I waited and waited.

I got out my sketchbook and drew me ripping up my mothers car seats. She would kill me if i did that. She loves her car, even if it isn't fancy at all.

"Oi, are you Abby?" A voice that was thick and twang said. I raised my eyebrows an and turned. The boy was tall and well built. He had a good brown tan and nice sun bleached hair.

He was definitely a bogan though. Bintang, surf shorts and flip flops? C'mon.
"Maybe... who is asking?" i muttered, putting away my sketchbook.
"My names Brenton. Nice to meet you," He held out a hand for me to shake. I just stared at it and then gave him a dazzling smile.
I learnt that one from my good-for-almost-nothing mother. When in doubt, smile.
Brenton blinked his brown eyes a few times and then grinned.
"So what do you want?"
"Oh, right, your old man sent me to give you a lift back home. C'mon, ute's out back," i stared at him for a moment and then groaned, putting my head i my hands.

I can't believe this. He sent someone else to pick me up, someone i have never met before in my life, and expects me to just go with them? Does he not know me at all?
But then, this town is meant to be filled with 'loyal' and 'reliable' people... well that is what ma says anyway. i guess i had to go with him. Otherwise i would never get to my dads house.

Ugh, i'm gonna have to give him a good talking to when i see him.

I got up, grabbed my bags and followed Brenton out back and to his shiny white ute.
There was a guy in the passengers seat who stared at me relentlessly. I was weird.
He didn't look like Brenton. This guy was more... dark and mysterious, you could say.
He had black hair that was a massy kind of straight, that fell in his grey eyes. i wondered why he would be hanging around someone like Brenton. Eh, but who am i to judge right?

Brenton took my nags and threw them into the tray before tapping on the passengers side window.
"Oi, Shaun, let the lady in" The door clunked open and Shaun stepped out. He was tall and well built, but in a way that made him look slightly more on the thin side.

As Brenton went around to the drivers side, Shaun stood extremely close to me. Does he not know anything about personal space? But i couldn't say that i minded much. He smiled and i couldn't help but smile right back.
He is incredibly good looking. I guess this place could be too bad... not if there were guys who looked like this around.

"Hi, i'm Shaun..." His voice was really nice... He had one of those voices that when you hear it, you just know that they are a good singer.
He wouldn't look away. His gaze was so intense. I felt strange being looked at like that.
"Abby" i mumbled and gave him a weak smile before getting into the cab of the ute. It was small inside, and i had to sit in the middle, squeezed between the two boys with the gear stick between my legs.
I was glad that i had worn jeans today. Brenton started the car and off we went...
Towards my new home.

I stared out of the window as we drove down the streets of town. It was wet season, so the rain poured down on the window,and the windscreen wipers went back and forth. They were quite hypnotising and put me in a weird mood.

The town was small, and everyone knew everyone. I guess that was a nice thing. Back in Downtown Corporate you only knew about three people in your area.
This place is meant to be a summer holiday town, so the council keeps it nice and well kept. It had a homey feel to it.
I guess a lot of the niceness comes from the fact that it is so close to the beach and everything just had a beachy smell to it. I'm not sure that is a word... Beachy. But then, why wouldn't it be a word? Lots of people use it!
oh crap, i'm getting slightly off topic. My mind is wondering... it must be this bloody calm mood of mine.

"Nora is coming over tonight" Brenton said to Shaun. He had attempted conversation with me, but i have never really been the conversationalist that my mother is, so i just nodded a few times and then he slowly got the idea.
I'm more of a listener then a talker.
"Well can you take it to your room this time? The couch is not a place to -"
"Yeah i get it, but no promises," Brenton grinned a very full and happy grin. Nora must be his girlfriend. i glanced at Shaun who stared out of the window with a solemn expression. Why so serious? Did he not like this Nora girl or something?

"So we live next door to your old man, so if you need anything, don't be shy ok? Doors always open" Brenton said with a huge grin that seemed to be painted permanently onto his face, as he dropped me off.
"Thanks for the lift" i mumbled before getting out. Shaun had already grabbed my bags and were taking them up to the porch. I was glad that Brenton had put the tarp down over them, or i would have gross damp clothes in there and my sketchbook would be ruined. i waved at Brenton who then drove into next doors driveway, before running up to the porch. The rain had already soaked through my jumper and chilled my skin. I was shuddering when i got to the front door. Shaun stood there staring at me again.

"What?" i finally asked and he looked away. God he was good looking. He said nothing for a while, but took another step closer to me, invading my space once again.
"I'll see you later?" He said it more of a question then a goodbye and it made me smile.
"Maybe" i smirked as did he before, touching my arm and walking away. Even after he had disappeared into the pouring rain, i could still feel the heat from his hand on my arm.

My dad wasn't home, but the door was unlocked. Who leaves the front door unlocked? Irresponsible much? i took all my stuff inside and up the stairs into the room i had stayed in that one night long ago.

It still looked the same. The window looked onto another window in the house next door... Shaun's house, i wonder if it is Shaun's window.
The walls were a baby blue colour and the floor was red wood. It was quite a good sized room. On the small size, but nothing bad. It was furnished as well. Dad probably thought i would be staying here an awful lot, so he got it decked out. Shame i had never came back after that one time. There was a single bad with black, satin bed covers. A bedside table with a lamp and clock, a desk near the window and a set of drawers near the door. Also there was an empty book shelf. I could fill that up easy.

About an hour later, after i had unpacked most of my things, i heard the front door open. I didn't go down the stars, but froze with a book in my hand and listened. There were footsteps and the sound of jingling keys hitting something hard. i could just imagine my 80's rock looking dad walking in and chucking his keys on the table before getting a cold beer out of the fridge.
but i didn't hear the fridge open. Instead i heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs and then he was there.

I haven't seen my dad in about three years so this was more awkward then all of our other meetings. He just stood in the doorway and looked everywhere but at me. He didn't look any different to what i remember. He still wore that worn leather jacket and denim jeans and his hair was still in need of a cut. It was just long enough to brush against his shoulders now and was the same colour as mine, a dusty brown colour. I shared more features alike with my dad then i did with my mum, so i don't understand why people think i look more like her then i do like him. His eyes were blue just like mine and we both have dimples.

I rolled my eyes when he said nothing and got back to unpacking.
"Your here..." He mumbled after a few more moments. i stopped unpacking and looked at him.
"Your older"
*insert long, awkward silence here*
"I'll be downstairs"
"Ok" and he walked away.

This isn't much different from our other conversations. It's always been like this, and in a way i kind of like it. It's much easier to be around dad then it is to be around ma.

I wet downstairs after a couple more hours in my room. I took my sketchbook and sat down on the red couch in the lounge room. There was a large television sitting in front of it, but dad has never been much of a television watcher so i don't rally understand why he had gotten it. i didn't turn it on, i just stared at it for a while before opening my sketchbook and doodling in it.

After a while dad, who must have been in the kitchen came in and sat down in a sofa chair with a beer in his hand. He saw me sketching and smiled slightly before looking away and taking a swig of beer.
I tried to ignore him best i could but i couldn't. He was just so damn loud about drinking that beer.
"What?" i mumbled, putting my pencil in my mouth. Dad looked at me as if he were surprised i could see him and avoided eye contact.
"Just surprised i guess" he grumbled, fiddling with his can. i narrowed my eyes at him. What is he playing at?
"Surprised at what?"
"That you are actually here, i thought you might have got off at a different stop, or even stolen Brenton's car and driven off into the sunset" He said this without a hint of humour, like he actually believed i would have done one of those things. i raised my eyebrows and and snorted.
"There was another guy in the car, couldn't have stolen his ute anyway"
"Yeah, i told him to bring Shaun. Good kids huh?" It was strange. He was talking easier then i remember. this made me feel weird and different. Dad and i had always been alike in talking, we never really knew what to say and so we stayed away from conversation, but now it seemed that he was getting better at it and i was still shitty.

"Uh, yeah they are alright i guess..." i grumbled and then went back to drawing. We sat with each other for a few more minutes, not saying anything, before he got up and left the house with his keys. i heard the car start up and reverse out of the driveway.

Oh... well.

I guess i should have expected as much. I'm not that fun to be around. I don't blame him for running off like that.
He has always been good at that. He did it to ma, and now he is doing it to me.

i sighed a very long sigh and then got up and walked to the window. The rain was dying down a little now, changing from buckets into a peppering.
i'll go for a walk... yeah, that will be nice. i could get to know the town a little better.

I'll go to the beach and sketch or something.

Anything to get out of this house that seemed to suffocate me.
Maybe i disappointed dad? Maybe that is why he had to get away from me so fast?

i felt sad then.
It's not that i really wanted to come here in the first place. The opposite of it really, but it still hurt that dad didn't seem to want me around.

I ran upstairs and grabbed a hoodie out of one of my bags, threw it on and went back downstairs to grab my sketchbook before leaving the house. i didn't lock the door behind me.

Let him get robbed. Who cares?

I took a spot in a gazebo that overlooked the beach. It was nice and peaceful.

The waves were really showing off, rising up a few metres and then crashing down hard. The ocean looked hungry, and mad and more then a little bit scary. It was the first time i had seen them in a long time, and this was how they wanted to greet me? Seriously? Those surfers must be off their nut if they want to go surfing in that.

They were all so graceful, like dancers and they slid over the waves easily. A few fell off and disappeared under the water for what seemed like a heart racking lifetime, only to resurface moments later to do it all over again.
They must be crazy. Yep, thats the only explanation. But they definitely were captivating, and i couldn't help but sketch them.

The rain had stopped completely and a dim, barely there rainbow appeared over the waves. It looked nice, but i was never any good at drawing rainbows. They always turned out looking like some three year old drew them.

I was very ashamed of my rainbow drawing capabilities.

"Hey, i knew i would see you later" the voice made me jump, and my heart began to beat faster as Shaun sat down besides me. His hair was dripping wet, sending small beads of water onto his bare chest. I had to try my hardest not to stare at his naked torso.
I was right, he was muscly in a thin and barely noticeable way. Well until he took off his shirt, then it was very noticeable but... oh god, i'm brain blabbering.
"Don't tell me you were out there in those waves" i grumbled, acting like i wasn't interested in the least. Hopefully then he would leave so that i could admire him from a distance. Up close was just not my thing. I sucked at talking to boys.

"Oh i definitely was. Impressed?" i glanced at him and smiled. He had his eyebrows raised and a grin spread across his face. My god i want to draw that face in so many angles.
"Hardly. I think your half mad!"
"Only half?"
"Just a little" i said and he chuckled and looked down at my sketchbook. Before i could pul it out of his reach he grabbed it. He was quite fast too. Damn. He stood and began to flick through the pages. I wasn't going to try and get it back, i couldn't be bothered and anyway he would try to keep it away from me.
"That's bullying you know?" i grumbled, putting my pen in my mouth.
"And that's gross" he said pointing to the pen.
"Oh bite me"
"I'd love to"

It was odd how easy it was to tease and talk to Shaun. It was unnerving, because i have never been good at talking to... well... anyone.
"these are really good Abby" He sounded sincere but i narrowed my eyes at him anyway. I don't like people looking through my drawings... its like an invasion of privacy. My sketchbook is like my journal, and he is just flipped through it all willy-nilly.

"Whatever, can i have it back please?"
"I'm quite a good drawer too"
"Your also quite full of yourself" he glanced at me and grinned.
"No, i lie. I am horrible at drawing. I can't even colour inside the lines on those kiddy colouring contests," i laughed at this and he smiled even more.
"Your such a dork" i took my sketchbook back from him and closed it, putting my pencil in the rings that held the pages together. He sat down next to me again and stared out at the waves, getting that solemn expression again. How could he go from joking around, to being quite and serious so fast? it was strange.

"Hey Shaun!" a group of girls walked past the gazebo. They were wearing flimsy little bikini's which exposed their tiny stomachs and stupid belly button piercings. The girl who had said hey to Shaun was pretty. Her hair was red and long, it looked like she had spent a lot of time in the mirror that morning because her eyes were circled in black eyeliner and her face was nearly orange from the amount of foundation she wore. she smiled too much at Shaun and didn't once look at me.

"Oh... hey Beth" Shaun mumbled without a hint of the energy i had heard before. i looked at him and frowned. Who was this boy?
"Are you going to Leo's party tonight? It's going to go off!" She said and raised her arms as if dancing. i held in a snort and looked away. What an idiot.
"Uh, i don't think so. Maybe the next one okay?" Beth's face dropped and the other girls sent her worried expressions.
Oh... i see... she likes Shaun and he pays her no attention. Aw crap, now i feel sorry for the girl. She may be a try hard, but it sucks when a guy you like doesn't give a crap about you.
"Uh... Yeah, sure. No worries. See you later then" Beth smiled and waved and then as one the group walked away. Some of the girls kept looking back at us and whispering to the others.

I said nothing and neither did he. We just looked out at the beach. It was nice just sitting here with him. He was, surprisingly, good company.
"Want to go get a pasta cup?" Shaun said suddenly and stood up. He was back to his other self again. Fun and smily. i watched him for a few seconds and then sighed and stood up too.
"Why not. But don't bore me with your self love okay?" i joked and we began walking together down the long wooden walkway.
"No promises"

After we stopped off back at the houses, me putting away my stuff and grabbing some money, and him putting away his board and getting changed, we walked to town.
I have never been to pasta cup before, but i have heard that it is quite amazing.
We ordered our pasta and went down to the park a few blocks away.
We talked about nothing and everything. I learnt that his favourite colour was brown because thats the colour of the earth, i said that was kind of lame and he told me i was lame, he told me how he had met Brenton and that they hated each other in the beginning but now have been best mates for almost twelve years now.

And i told him about my weirdo mother.

"Ouch..." he mumbled after i told him the story of how i was sent here.
"Yeah, but its not the worst thing she has done to me" i grumbled and shrugged like i didn't care about it. I had gotten good at pretending i didn't care. I had had to do it with mum so she would think that the things she did didn't get to me. i tried to make her feel like i didn't need her. Maybe that is why she left? Crap...

"Got a boyfriend back where you come from?" He asked as we walked back to the houses. i snorted.
Oh yeah, because that is really attractive.
"As if, guys run in the opposite direction of a Kay" i mumbled and he laughed.
"Oh i can see why," i punched his arm and he laughed. Punching? Seriously? was i flirting?
"oh ha-ha," i said sarcastically and took a sip of my coke before asking the question i had been wondering for a while, "What about you? You got a girlfriend?" He smiled and looked at me for a while before shaking his head.
"Nah, i don't really want a relationship right now" he shrugged and i looked away so he couldn't see my disappointment. Why was i disappointed though? I didn't want a relationship either. My mothers relationships have put me off having a boyfriend.
She is always angry and shouting at them, annoyed and bitchy to them or crying coz they finally found out that she isn't someone they want to be with and they broke up with her.

"Oh? And why is that?"
"Coz i was in a relationship once and she turned out to be a complete bitch. Put me off dating all together" i looked at him sceptically.
"Because of one girl?"
"So your never going to date ever again?"
"Never said that. i believe that i will find The One eventually, but until then..."
"Your a closet casanova! Oh my god!" i laughed and he nudged me.
"No, i just think what i think. I'm no closet whatever"

He walked me to my door and we talked a little more before it was getting too dark and he had to go home and do something.
"I'll see you later then?" He asked, again as the question instead of a goodbye. i smiled and opened the front door.
"Maybe" He grinned and walked away. I walked inside and kept on smiling. Smiling and smiling. My jaw hurt from smiling so much.

I drew Shaun that night. I drew both sides of him. The happy and fun side... and the serious side. I want to know both sides of him, and i want to know which side is the real Shaun.

Day 1 down.



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