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Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:57 am

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Megan had just seen The Boondock Saints and was telling me about it.

Megan: Oh god. I'm telling you now. No fighting over Connor. Hes fucking mine. You and my sister can fight over Murphy. Hes pretty damn hot too, BUT STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM CONNOR.

Ash: Okay! Calm the fuck down! Jesus! Someone call the crazy fangirl police!

Megan: I will fuck you up. I'm like Enrique with Antonio Bandares.

Ash: True. I'm glad I'm not like that.

Megan: You will be after you see these guys.

Ash: I bet...okay. I gotta confess. I'm a little like that over little Russian contortionist boys.

Megan: A little?

Ash: Yes! Only a little though...

Megan: You're a fuckin' liar.

Ash: How so?!

Megan: You're more than "a little" fuckin' obsessed.

Ash: I refuse to believe that! I'm a little ...enthusiastic maybe...

Megan: You're such a fuckin' liar!

Ash: I am a fuckin' truther!

Megan: Fuck you!

Ash: Oh no, my friend, fuck you!

Megan: I'm gonna choke your fuckin' ass with a stupid fuckin' rope!

Ash: Bring it on! You come and get me bitch! I'll fuck you up!
Megan: You're fuckin' lucky my ass got burnt today, or I would fuckin' choke your fuckin' ass with a stupid fuckin' rope!

Ash: Well that fuckin' Indian blood didn't do shit for you did it, mother fucker!?

Megan: Its your goddamned fuckin' rapist ancestors who fuckin' did this to me.

Ash: Yeah you all took it like the little bitches you are! I'm sorry what are you doing with your "precious lands"? Whoring it out? That's what I thought.

Megan: Shut the fuck up you fuckin' white ass rapist.

Ash: You shut the fuck up! You fuckin' brown ass whore!!!

Megan: That's fuckin' stupid. Completely retarded.

Ash: Well if you weren't so fuckin' Indian...

Megan: Well if you weren't so fuckin' white...

Ash: I don't deny that...

Megan: And I don't deny it either...

Ash: Well now that we have reached an understanding...

Megan: Hahahahaha. You're such a fuckin' retard! Hahahahaha!

Ash: Wait...what?

Megan: Oh God. I cant fuckin' breathe! Hahahaha.

Ash: I'm so lost...

Megan: Oh God. That's amazing. Oh Holy shit.

Ash: Waaaaah! No fair! I'm lost!



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