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Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:15 pm

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When I was seven years old I'd shared a bedroom with my two brothers. There were three beds positioned side by side in a average size room, which made our sleeping quarters a little tight for comfort. My bed was positioned in the middle of the room between my two brothers and positioned directly under the light bulb; which in hindsight was probably not a good place for your head to be, considering I was looking into the light (pardon the pun) for all the wrong reasons.

I remember this particular evening after kissing my mother good night, I'd headed to my bed around 730. I used to sleep with the light on for as long as I could or until my two brothers came to bed and turned the light off at a later point. As I was laying in my bed, I can remember clearly staring at the light bulb, which had been on for a considerable period of time and would have been scorching hot for obvious reason. What happen next, is something to this day I will never forget and like my previous story "Showground Road" will always be grateful for, by the grace of God or the luck of the Irish or both.

Suddenly with no one else in the room, I felt these two hands grab me from under my armpits and lift me up from a laying position into a sitting position in an urgent quick as they could type of fashion. The strength of this action, was with the strength similar to a physical one, that I can clearly remember!... With in one or two seconds later from this previous experience, the light bulb exploded and landed exactly where my face was previously transfixed. I can't remember my exact thoughts at the time, but I was a little bewildered by the manner of how I was lifted and who had just picked me up out of harm's way.

The consequences of the light bulb burning my face may have been quite serious and maybe even fatal considering my age was only 7 and the year 1972. It would have at least for sure changed the way I looked and the path I have since travelled from that point to this.

For a lot of years I always wondered who it was and why? And even touched on it here some years ago believing it may have been a guardian Angel. I was sharing this experience and others like "August Soul Mates" with my brother a while back and what he told me about our home we lived in in 1972 has since changed my mind about the presence behind the prop. My eldest brother saw my grandfather's spirit floating in the corner of the room that we slept in. Not sure if it was before my own experience or after but I do feel my Grandfather was the one responsible for saving me on that night.

I was only three years old when my grandfather died and I can't remember him much at all. Through my other personal experiences, I know now that my departed loved ones look over me and visit me often and I will always remember and appreciate that night his incredible energy and will of protection lifted me out of harm's way... God bless you Pop.

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